Obama Credibility In Sequester

A few weeks ago, Obama told us that sequester would collapse the economy. How did that work out?

US Stock Market Indexes Set Another Record High, Global Shares Also Surge, DAX Closes At Record High

Obama’s sequester budget is 30% larger than GWB’s largest budget.

Obama then tried to wreck the air traffic control system, in hopes that voters would blame Republicans.

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3 Responses to Obama Credibility In Sequester

  1. kirkmyers says:

    The corrupt left-wing presstitutes will do everything in their power to protect The Chosen One as he moves quickly to destroy what remains of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Today’s media mouthpieces are nothing more than glorified stenographers. They worship the state and state power. They and their leftist political allies represent a clear and present danger to any American who values individual liberty. Is it any wonder Americans are scrambling to arm themselves? The know that their lives and liberty are under attack.

  2. David says:

    Well now that everything is all good lets cut the trillion dollar deficits and zero percent fed funny money. Stocks and houses are this high strictly on fundementals so everything should be fine right.

    A 350000 dollar house at 3.5 percent has the same payment as a 250000 at 6 percent. I would not want to need to sell when interest starts to rise. Salaries do not support this price structure place your bets accordingly.

  3. mogur2013 says:

    you guys live in a fantasy world. you will not rescue the princess with an ak47.

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