1950 : 97% Of Scientists Agree That Continents Do Not Move

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Greensburg Daily Tribune – Google News Archive Search

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15 Responses to 1950 : 97% Of Scientists Agree That Continents Do Not Move

  1. stamper44 says:

    They obviously didn’t get the drift of the argument

  2. Bruce says:

    That is a keeper. Thanks Steve!

  3. Camburn says:

    Actually, wasn’t it 98% of scientists?

  4. tckev says:

    Whereas today 12 scientist put out a deliberate scare story about wildlife dying.

    And this madness reported by Huffo and the BBC. (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/12/climate-change-habitat-animal-plant_n_3263046.html?utm_hp_ref=green). The BBC Weird Service has been reporting this twice an hour since about 6:00pm EST.
    Of course this report relies on wildlife dying if temperatures rise by 4°C as predicted by some computer models!
    Keep scaring people is the ploy.

    • kirkmyers says:

      The Warmists won’t give up without a fight. They’ll be preaching global warming doomsday until the bitter end — or until there are glaciers on their doorstep. There’s too much grant money at stake. Plus, many of them are publicity hounds. They love seeing their name in print and and mug on TV.

      Sadly, there are honest scientists who understand the AGW theory is pure buncombe, but have caved into peer pressure or remained silent out of fear of losing their jobs. They know their comrades do not tolerate heretics.

  5. Andy Oz says:

    University of California……….built on top of the San Andreas Fault where one continental plate is sliding past another continental plate causing major earthquakes. Classic Irony!

    Another example of CAGW irony is the Ice Floes blowing off the lake and destroying houses in Lac St Anne. How come the warmists are not blaming 400 ppm CO2 for this disaster???


    • Marian says:

      LOL. saw it on tonight’s TV news here in NZ.

      Gee that was awesome. And yeah i was surprised no-one in the news item blamed it on AGW or CC.

      Probably once that wall of ice thaws then. It’ll be proof of AGW/CC. 🙂

  6. Andy Oz says:

    OMG! The media is saying the North West Passage is open and there is a rush to start shipping through there. Good Luck!!!!


  7. Steve, what page of that edition of the paper has the story? Sorry, I can’t seem to find it.

  8. Merci beaucoup! Awesome finds lately. Please keep digging.

  9. blade says:

    Another great find. Here is the plaintext …

    Greensburg Daily Tribune – Dec 14, 1950


    BERKELEY Calif (UP)__ How the earth achieved its present geological make-up is a question which has been bothering University of California scientists.

    Geology, botany and paleontology professors have been airing their views on the subject in a symposium.

    Their conclusion is that the “continental drift” theory is not valid.

    That theory, now favored by European scientists, holds that the continents of the earth were once together in one great land mass, broke up and then drifted into their present positions.

    Byran Patterson, visiting the California scientists from the Chicago Natural History Museum and the University of Chicago, had one of the strongest arguments against the theory.

    Patterson pointed to the difference in living and fossil animals of the various continents. He said there should be marked similarity if the “continental drift” theory were true.

    The dissimilarities, Patterson declared, have existed since the continents were supposed to have drifted apart some 75,000,000 years ago. In fact, the professor said, evidence which might favor the theory becomes scantier the farther back in geological time one goes.

    Dr. P. Walt Durham, associate professor of paleontology at the University said the theory would make it necessary for the poles to have been shifted around during geological time.

    On the basis of studies of marine fossils from Mexico to the Arctic circle, Dr. Durham concluded the poles always have been in approximately their present positions.

    Other taking part in the symposium, sponsored by the department of paleontology are Dr. Jean Verhoogen, associate professor of geology; Dr. Herbert L. Mason, professor of botany, and Dr. G. D. Louderback, emeritus professor of geology.

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