Obama Says That Letting The Ambassador Die Was The Right Decision

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Obama Stands By Benghazi Response – WSJ.com


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7 Responses to Obama Says That Letting The Ambassador Die Was The Right Decision

  1. miked1947 says:

    Then he should have admitted his decision in September!

  2. gator69 says:

    His ambassador scheduled a meeting with armed Al-Qaeda terrorists on the anniversary of 9/11/01, in arguably one of the most dangerous cities on Earth, and Skeeter did not think that he may possibly need back up?

    What did he send him with? A bottle of wine and bedroom eyes?

    Someone should hang for this.

  3. ARIZONA says:

    SOUNDS LIKE A REPLAY OF “NIXON” 40 yrs later,I’am no crook,just a demon,whore,lier,murder,foreigner,and illegal president,SO WHATS THE PROBLEM???

  4. ARIZONA says:

    GET OUT THE ROPE BOYS,we got us one of them dammed commies…………………..

  5. snedly arkus says:

    During the attack one guy died Stevens could not be located. He was taken by locals to a hospital when he died of a heart attack. About the time Stevens died a rescue party from Tripoli reached the rented villa erroniously called the embassy. Attack had long been over. Rather than evacuate to the airport they went to the annex a few miles down the road. Soon after their arrival the bad guys fired mortars on the compound killing the other 2 guys and a bunch of Libyans helping out. The fire was highly accurate which meant it was targeted in advance and they walked into a trap. They evacuated to the airport and were flown to Tripoli. So how do you figure they were left to die? I also don’t hear any sympathy for the dead Libyans.

    For you armchair generals read the testimony of Leon Paneta and the Joint Chiefs. Check out the interview with Robert Gates the republican Defense Secretary under Bush. Get the full story. The bigger question you should be asking is why Stevens was in Benghazi, a highly dangerous place for high ranking diplomats then and now. He knew the situation and the unreliable security by the Libyans and could have stayed home. Instead he went giving the militias a perfect opportunity and causing his death and the death of 3 others.

    Check the testimony of second in command Hicks. Some claim he was demoted because he blew the whistle. Reality is he refused to go back to Libya. So he was reassigned with no loss of pay or grade waiting for a post to open up. Check out everything I’ve posted. It’s all there if you want to see.

    • snedly arkus,

      Stevens did not die by heart attack at the hospital, in my opinion. On September 12, 2012 (and never again, so far as I know, by ANY media outlet) Fox News played a mere seconds-long video piece showing the “locals” when they “found” him. I was watching when it was put on the screen (so this is my personal testimony). In that video clip, Stevens’s body was not being treated carefully, at all; the body was being manhandled, with the head being raised close to the camera, showing the death mask on his face, rather obviously making it clear he was dead. It was said they shouted “allahu akhbar” upon “finding” him, but if so, they were celebrating finding him dead. What you have written above is garbage, fed to you and others willing to believe it, by those with an interest in suppressing the barbarity of Islamic locals and terrorists alike, that night. Obama and his administration have been in full complicity with that suppression, and in my opinion are guilty of treason, in aiding and abetting an avowed enemy at war with our country and our country’s interests.

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