Ten Years Later – The New Normal Of Climate Science Fraud

After the 2003 European heatwave, climate experts told us that was the new normal.

Drawing from methods used in epidemiology, a field of climate research called “detection and attribution” tests how human actions like burning fossil fuels affect climate and increase the odds of extreme weather events. Heat-trapping pollution at least doubled the likelihood of the infamous European heat wave that killed more than 30,000 people during the summer of 2003, according to a study in the journal Nature in 2004.

Hot is the New Normal: Why High Temperatures Are Evidence of Climate Change Extreme Heat and Climate Change – Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

The new normal is actually for climate scientists to constantly change their theory in order to track the most recent weather pattern.

ScreenHunter_180 May. 13 07.20

As more rain forecast, is climate change about to cause another wet summer? – Telegraph


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3 Responses to Ten Years Later – The New Normal Of Climate Science Fraud

  1. Kaboom says:

    Are those the same geniuses who predicted the swine flu pandemic?

  2. Justa Joe says:

    brolly & sunblock

  3. Boulderdash says:

    I suppose climate change is responsible for hot weather, cold weather, rain, snow and drought.
    Is that it?

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