Hansen 1988 : Earth To Be Red Hot This Decade

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10 Responses to Hansen 1988 : Earth To Be Red Hot This Decade

  1. Rosco says:

    Hansen et al show their complete lack of scientific understanding in the very first sentence of the Introduction to this paper.

    It seems they actually believe constructing a 3D computer model is an “experiment”.

    Any fool knows an experiment is an event in which data is collected, measured and analysed and THEN compared to theory.

    These guys have it backwards – they have a model pre-programmed to produce data which they have no evidence for other than their model and claim the fake “data” verifies the model that produced it !

    Lovely example of circular logic – how come Academia isn’t rolling about on the floor laughing over this type of “experiment” ??

    A primary school child would fail any basic school course using that approach !

    I’d hate to be flying in a plane these guys designed and verified !

  2. Not too bad… He is only out by somewhere between 50 and 300 percent. In climate science that’s the equivalent of a hole in one.

  3. Marian says:

    The map is a classic it just goes to show Climate Charlatan Hansen appeared to know very little about weather/climate of the 2 Hemispheres. When its summer in the NH, its Winter in the SH. When its Winter in the NH its Summer in the SH. When its in Spring in the NH its Autumn/Fall in SH. The opposite is always happening. 🙂

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