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Obama To Investigate Himself

Facing Controversies, White House Dodges Questions – NYTimes.com Nixon tried that too.

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Obama Thinking About Arming Syrian Cannibals

A video which appears to show a Syrian rebel taking a bite from the heart of a dead soldier has been widely condemned. US-based Human Rights Watch identified the rebel as Abu Sakkar, a well-known insurgent from the city of … Continue reading

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LA Times : Globe Moves To Southern California

Last year the globe was located in DC and Chicago. This year it is located in Southern California. Global warming ruins SoCal Mother’s Day – latimes.com Note the orange dot in the map below, located in Southern California. This is … Continue reading

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What Obama Does And Doesn’t Know

Things Obama doesn’t know : He doesn’t know that he was running assault rifles to Mexican drug lords He doesn’t know that he was using the IRS to attack political opponents He doesn’t know that he has been wiretapping the … Continue reading

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Real Climate : Sea Level Rise Rate Has Dropped Since The 19th Century

Real Climate published this sea level plot – to prove global warming. RealClimate: The answer is blowing in the wind: The warming went into the deep end So I went to their data source, and plotted the 19th century trend … Continue reading

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Devastated Arctic Has The Most Mid-May Ice In A Decade

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

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Obama Announces That White House Policy Is Now Being Made By Low Level Civil Servants Hired By George Bush

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Arctic Temperatures Continue To Run Far Below Normal

CO2 causes polar amplification, which makes the Arctic cool faster than the rest of the planet. Animation using Javascript Animation Player

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Greenland Country Club Brings In Too Much White Sand

The golf pro at the Greenland Country Club has gone nuts and is continuing to import huge amounts of sand, which threatens to bury the greens and club house. summit:status:webcam

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Global Warming Devastates Alaska’s North Slope

Barrow Sea Ice Webcam

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