Secretary Of State Goes On His 2013 Apology Tour

And I have to say that I regret that my own country – and President Obama knows this and is committed to changing it – needs to do more and we are committed to doing more. And we come here to Kiruna with a great understanding of the challenge to the Arctic as the ice melts

Remarks With Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt

Has there ever been such a collection of criminals, traitors and morons assembled in Washington at one time?

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10 Responses to Secretary Of State Goes On His 2013 Apology Tour

  1. phodges says:

    My usual comment would be that this administration is the same as every other…but in this case I have to agree, these goons really take the cake…

  2. David says:

    Yes since 1913 when the federal reserve and IRS were formed.

  3. R. de Haan says:

    Well, the Secretary of State can include moscow in his apology tour as well:

    Just add this to the list of events under the watch of the Obama Presidency.

  4. gator69 says:

    Maybe we will get lucky, and an Icelandic volcano will ground him there for weeks.

  5. Chewer says:

    If he travelled by boat with a thin skin (like Big O) he’d run into serious iceberg trouble:)

  6. kirkmyers says:

    Is Kerry truly as ignorant as he appears to be? Apparently, he readily accepts and regurgitates whatever the climate hucksters tell him, without any critical analysis. He’s either lazy, stupid or sees the AGW scare as a money-making opportunity. After all, he has close links with other globalists who stand to profit handsomely from carbon trading and investments in green technologies.

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