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Preview Of The Week’s Benghazi Hearings

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Long Range Forecast Verification

From November : 2012 vs. 2008 | Real Science And today : Behind the Curtain: D.C. turns on Obama – POLITICO.com

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One Difference Between Nixon And Obama

Nixon and Obama have a lot in common   But there is one big difference. Nixon never threatened Bob Woodward.

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US Spring Temperatures Declining For Almost Thirty Years

US springtime temperatures have declined half a degree Celsius since 1985. The only year which alarmists remember is 2012.

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“British schoolgirl was murdered by health workers in India”

British schoolgirl ‘murdered for her organs’ in India, family claim – Telegraph

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Rivers Of Blood

Enoch Powell warned about this in 1968. I was living in Oxford around that time, and it was a very safe place for children. Asian grooming gang convicted of appalling acts of depravity on children Police and social services have … Continue reading

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Ozone Hole Opens Up Over Greenland


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If Richard Nixon Had A Son, He Would Look Like This

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Four Years Later, Kerry Owns The Mess He Warned About

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My Epiphany!

I was riding my bicycle in the mountains, and suddenly it all became clear. CO2 is a greenhouse gas, which has increased by one part per ten thousand over the last century. There was a hurricane last summer, and a … Continue reading

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