Rubio Slams America’s Third World President

Fantastic speech – a must watch.

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17 Responses to Rubio Slams America’s Third World President

  1. Brad-DXT says:

    Rubio makes several valid points. Some have been blatantly obvious since Obama came into office but, have been continuously implemented, incrementally, for at least 100 years.
    The size and scope of government has been growing at break-neck speed. If our founding fathers could see what a colossus the federal government has become, they would cry and shout in disgust.
    The wedges that Obama and his cronies pry between citizens is part of the old military tactic of divide and conquer. He wants as many separate groups as possible so that he can pick them off one at a time, with little fanfare.
    He is drunk with power and the lame-stream media is the bartender that also caters to the low information voter.

    • I. Lou Minotti says:

      Brad, you’ve just described Fabian Socialism. It’s the “kinder, gentler” way to achieve full-blown marxist communism whereby the elitists that are “smarter” than you, me, and most freedom-loving, hard-working Americans can achieve their goal of total control of those they deem malleable, and therefore, desirable. (If they’re deemed worthy of life, that is). Fabianism seeks control of the masses “peacefully,” and without the violence brought about by outright tyranny (imposed marxist communism, or fascism), or the anarchy they will try to create by inciting the populace. Either way, the statists win. Level heads, loud voices, and principles.

      Look at Obama’s mentors. Bill Ayres, Saul Alinsky, Frances Scott-Piven. All grass-roots organizers and those who believe they’re smarter, better, and therefore more worthy of life than people who actually have something to offer to society–whether American or anywhere else. Can they build a home? Can they cut the grass? Can they use a wrench? Can they wipe their ass? NO. But they’re happy to teach you about what should be. It’s called Fabian Socialism–and they’re making a final push in America. You see, they’ve gotten their “boy” in.

  2. Andy Oz says:

    Welcome to the USSRA – The United Socialist States of the Republic of America
    The IRS is now the fifth directorate of the revamped KGB, now called the DHS!!
    Putin and all the Russian peoples are laughing their heads off at the irony.
    Australia will sack our imported socialistas in 4 months and replacing them with real Australians.

  3. mark says:

    the next President. beautiful speech.

  4. Justa Joe says:

    Back when Kerry was running for Prez. An independent TV syndication outfit was going to broadcast a documentary about all of Kerry’s subversive activities during the Viet Nam era. The Kerry campaign FLAT OUT told the network that if Kerry was elected the network was going to be in big trouble. if they aired the doc. In the face of these naked threats the network backed down. Not a single member of the press batted an eyelash over this. Nobody was investigated much less prosecuted. How is it surprising that these tactics haven’t continued?

  5. NoMoreGore says:

    Rubio’s words however, fall on deaf ears among the Slime-O-Crats. They could not possibly care less about the Constitution, Liberty, Law, or anyone in this country except themselves.

  6. I. Lou Minotti says:

    Steve, you’re right. It was a great speech. Do you think he would be willing to filibuster for 13 hours for what he truly believes in order to force an “on the record” back-down from Eric Holder or Obama? (I’m expecting a good “droning” from “Me” on this issue).

  7. Robertv says:

    But always remember that without the ‘Patriot Act’ this would not have been possible. That Act broke the american back. That Act gave government unlimited power (to ‘protect’ America ).

    The elephant in the room.

  8. Jimmy Haigh. says:

    Be nice to have a President who doesn’t need a teleprompter…

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