Even With His Most Recent Cheat, Hansen Can’t Get Above Scenario C

At the end of 2012, NASA’s (recently “retired”) James Hansen added an additional cheat to jack recent temperatures up and push older temperatures down.


But even with that cheat, he still can’t get temperatures up above his zero emissions Scenario C.

ScreenHunter_258 May. 16 05.57

ScreenHunter_259 May. 16 06.02


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5 Responses to Even With His Most Recent Cheat, Hansen Can’t Get Above Scenario C

  1. Curious how temperatures so closely match scenario C, suggesting native feedbacks cancel further warming after rising about .5C. perhaps. 🙂

  2. gator69 says:

    C + Heat = Hansen. 😉

  3. kirkmyers says:

    NASA and NOAA have become old hands at manipulating climate data. We know it’s manipulation, because the adjustments always result in a warming trend. Both agencies are driven by an AGW political agenda that forces them to arrive at the “correct” conclusion. By conforming to the wishes of their political masters, they secure their jobs plus guaranteed funding. But it comes at a cost: the loss of personal integrity (assuming they have any).

    By the way, neither agency bothers to explain exactly how they arrive at their adjustments. Their justifications and the mechanism underying the tampering are hazy, ambiguous and indeterminate. They add a veneer of science to what is actually mere guesstimating, but in a way that always results in temperature upticks.

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