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Global Sea Ice Area Up 12% Since 2006

May 14 global sea ice area is up 12% since 2006, and is the eleventh highest on record for the date. There is a lot more sea ice today than there was on this date in 1980. arctic.atmos.uiuc.edu/cryosphere/timeseries.global.anom.1979-2008 Climate experts … Continue reading

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My Letter To John Cook

Hi John, It appears that the results of your survey have been misrepresented in the press and by the President of The United States. In fact, more papers rejected CAGW than claimed that humans were the dominant influence. I am certain that … Continue reading

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Obama Shows Once Again That He Is An Ignorant Partisan Hack

John Cook, proprietor of the website Skeptical Science, recently published a paper with the help of members of his site. They describe their study as examining the abstracts of “over 12,000 peer-reviewed climate science papers” and finding “a 97% consensus in the peer-reviewed literature … Continue reading

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Shock News : The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Operates On A Shoestring Budget

A review finds dozens of tea party groups and other conservative groups subjected to improper scrutiny by the Internal Revenue Service operate with small budgets and rarely displayed overt partisan activities. Tea party tax returns show activism on a budget … Continue reading

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99.8% Of Americans Believe Obama Needs To Be Impeached

My methodology may be less than perfect, but it is far more legitimate than John Cook’s climate survey. Unlike John, I did not mis-represent the available numbers. IRS Official in Charge During Tea Party Targeting Now Runs Health Care Office … Continue reading

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English Children Just Won’t Know What Spring Is

UK weather: It’s the middle of May! Two inches of snow, one month’s rainfall in a day and 65mph winds hit Britain | Mail Online

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Global Warming In The 1980s

This decade may be cold, but the 1980s were hot.

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This Is What Happens If You Listen To Joe Biden

. Once you fire two shots from a double barreled shotgun, you are disarmed. Anyone with an IQ over 30 should be able to figure that out.

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Golden Opportunity To Restore America

Get rid of the IRS – implement a flat tax Get rid of Obama and Holder – permanently ban third world criminals and mafia thugs from the White House Cut the federal government in half -restore the US Constitution

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