North Slope Of Alaska Still Locked In The Deep Freeze

ScreenHunter_314 May. 18 07.16

Barrow Sea Ice Webcam

The Guardian says that residents are being forced to flee due to global warming.


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4 Responses to North Slope Of Alaska Still Locked In The Deep Freeze

  1. thomas bruchs says:

    Cambridge bay nunuvit temp 21* f this morning

  2. In another news from the canary in the coalmine for global warming, “Alaska”, Anchorage is expected to get a snowstorm today, 19th of May

  3. Andy DC says:

    Widespread single digit (F) temps in Alaska this morning. The sun will be starting down in only 5 weeks!

  4. Chewer says:

    Gardening season will have to wait! Last night news mentioned the greenhouse starters are taking a bit of fuel to keep the plants alive and outdoor transplanting soon is simply a hope & dream…

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