Colorful Longmont, Colorado

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In order to celebrate Victoria Day (I work for Canadians) I drove down to Longmont, Colorado to play soccer with a team I used to play with many years ago.

This intersection is one of the Longmont’s most recognizable addresses.

ScreenHunter_362 May. 20 16.50

ScreenHunter_363 May. 20 16.51

Longmont is also famous for United Airlines flight 629 in 1955, when a man blew up a plane in order to kill his mother and collect a $25,000 insurance policy he bought hours before the plane took off. Prosecutors were shocked to discover that there were no laws prohibiting blowing up airplanes at the time, so they charged him with murdering his mother as it didn’t seem to be illegal to blow up the other 43 people on the plane.

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Daytona Beach Morning Journal – Google News Archive Search


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6 Responses to Colorful Longmont, Colorado

  1. terrence says:

    $25,000 in 1955 dollars equals about $211,420 in 2012. So, at least he was not cheap.

    I don’t think I would live on Gay Street or Crescent…

  2. Andy DC says:

    Are those streets named that way by accident or design?

  3. Robert of Ottawa says:

    Andy, I suspect they were named before it became .. you know … like politically protected vocabulary.

  4. mitchel44 says:

    Never fear, next year the progressives in Canada have a new holiday name for you.

    We already have a National Aboriginal Day on 21 June, but I’m sure May and a Holiday to boot seems much nicer.

    Just call it “White Liberal Guilt Day” and get it over with.

    • Billy Liar says:

      Why do so many liberals feel guilty for things they played no part in? There’s a fashion in Europe for apologizing for things that happened hundreds of years ago.

  5. Soccer…Canada…this is more than I want to know about Steven Goddard’s heretofore mercifully veiled past. The unrequited longings of a dreary youth, the roots of the adult obsession… It’s all becoming clear. What’s next, round bacon? (I bet you speak Canadian, eh?) Does your WIFE know, man? And all this time you’ve been blaming Colorado’s fall from grace on ne plus ultra liberals. OMG, BAN ASSAULT SOCCER-INDUCING CANADIANS!

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