Can Tornadoes In “Tornado Alley” Be Prevented By A Carbon Tax?

Only a complete moron would believe something so stupid, which is why many Democrats believe it.


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8 Responses to Can Tornadoes In “Tornado Alley” Be Prevented By A Carbon Tax?

  1. kbray in california says:

    James Hansen must be a Democrat.

  2. philjourdan says:

    The tornadoes cannot. But if they tax everyone to death, who is going to notice?

  3. gator69 says:

    How about a tornado shelter tax? Leftists apparently love sacrificing children for their agendas.

  4. ACR says:

    I don’t get the Dems. In their opinion, the temperatures of the 1970s were ideal. Any variations from the temperatures of the 1970s is bad. For some reason, Dems believe that any variation from those ideal temperatures is caused by mankind. Therefore, we must do everything we can to repeat the weather of the 1970s, even if that means crippling the world economy through a carbon tax.

    Meanwhile, the long history of violent weather in Tornado Alley must be reversed. Mankind must do everything it can to ensure there are no more tornadoes in Tornado Alley, even if it means crippling the world economy with a carbon tax.

    Honestly, Steven, I don’t get the logic. Sometimes we want the weather of yesteryear, sometimes we don’t. The only constant from the Dems is the insistence on crippling the world economy with a carbon tax.

  5. buster says:

    But in between vacations and golf outings, we were told by The Campaigner in Chief that he would heal the planet.
    How many more Americans (and Mexicans) have to die at the hands of the inept Obama Administration before we turn the White House and Senate back over to grown-ups?

  6. Mike says:

    The alarmists would rather feed children to tornados and extort a carbon tax, than build some relatively cheap solid bunkers in Tornado alley.

    The same principle applies having gun free defenseless zones in schools to give time to deranged people.

    All spineless alarmists use children as justification for their pet projects, yet line them up like cannon fodder to make their point.

  7. LLAP says:

    Living in Tornado Alley is no different than living on a flood plain, on a fault line, or in the shadow of a volcano. Sooner or later, disaster will strike. No amount of taxation will change that fact.

  8. 1.) Tornadoes have been occurring within “Tornado Alley” AT LEAST since man (the American Indian) inhabited North America. These oral histories have been passed down through most of the tribes still in existence. THAT means between 12,000 to 22,000 years, depending on the archeologists. And probably for eons before that when the climatic conditions were suitable. Certainly CO2 and other man-made emissions had absolutely NOTHING to do with those tornadoes.

    1a.) A massive tornado WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS on June 9, 1953. The storm stayed on the ground for nearly 90 minutes, traveling 48 miles across Central Massachusetts – from Petersham to Framingham. After the Fujita scale was developed in 1971, the storm was classified as “F4”, the second highest rating on the scale. I WAS IN THAT TORNADO – first outside playing, then inside our house for shelter – although it didn’t matter much because the entire house and everything in it was LITERALLY blown away, with only the FOUNDATION left. Hey … Shit happens !!!!

    2.) Taxation changes NOTHING !!! (except increase revenue for governments)

    3.) WHAT IS DONE (action taken) with those revenues is what matters or not.

    4.) From past experience we know that most or all of those revenues will be wasted on phony programs, bureaucracy, even more regulations. The funds will be awarded to the politically-connected. Does anyone remember the huge SOLAR PANEL factory (SOLYNDRA) opened in the Southwest using some of Obama’s “shovel-ready projects” money. The funding for this company exceeded $500 million. Source: It is estimated that that Obama’s “clean energy programs” costs the taxpayers over $2.2 BILLION. Source:

    5.) For man to think that he had reduce/stop tornadoes in Tornado Alley is the ultimate in arrogance, narcissism and delusional thinking!!!!

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