Deadly Oklahoma Tornadoes – When CO2 Was Below 320 PPM

Deadly tornadoes happen almost every year in Oklahoma. It is the heart of Tornado Alley

ScreenHunter_392 May. 21 04.24


ScreenHunter_390 May. 21 04.18

11 Apr 1947 – DEATH IN PATH OF TORNADO Australian Associated P…

ScreenHunter_366 May. 20 18.00

18 Jun 1928 – DISASTROUS TORNADO. Sweeps Over Oklahoma. DEATH …

ScreenHunter_367 May. 20 18.03


The Capricornian   22 April 1911

ScreenHunter_371 May. 20 18.10

22 Apr 1911 – A TERRIBLE TORNADO. NEW YORK, April 13.

ScreenHunter_391 May. 21 04.22

02 Apr 1938 – 27 DEATHS Tornado Stretches 600 Miles CALGARY, M…

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3 Responses to Deadly Oklahoma Tornadoes – When CO2 Was Below 320 PPM

  1. Jambon-X says:

    March 20, 1948 Tinker AFB, OK

    March 25, 1948 Tinker AFB, OK

    Two tornadoes, same place, 5 days apart.

  2. But as we ALL know, it’s caused by Global Warming, or is it just normal climate change? Tornado Alley has been there for a mighty long time, now. Probably even before there were white men here, or even before the ‘Natives’ arrived. Man is a very small speck on the environment. It’s been working all by itself for nearly 5 Billion years. Man is puffing himself up with importance to think that he can have an effect on it. Nonetheless, some men think it’s a good way to become wealthy. Hey, the sky is falling!

  3. Andy DC says:

    They don’t call it Tornado Alley because they never get tornadoes.

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