Lefties : Always Ready To Dance On Children’s Graves

Dems are already blaming the deaths of Oklahoma children on Republicans, just as they did in Connecticut in December. It seems that there is nothing they like more than dead children to push their agenda.

Strong to violent tornadoes peaked during the 1970s in the US – during the global cooling scare. There is no reason to believe that tornadoes have gotten worse over time.

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EF3-EF5.png (872×528)

During the Dark Ages, ignorant politicians enthusiastically blamed bad weather on witches. Now their descendants blame bad weather on Republicans. The ancestors were probably slightly more intelligent.

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9 Responses to Lefties : Always Ready To Dance On Children’s Graves

  1. ACRC says:

    As long as there are tornados in Tornado Alley, the left will attribute them to “global warming” or “climate change”. Sometimes it seems the only way the left will concede that the climate isn’t changing is if there are no longer tornados in Tornado Alley, but we all know they would just point at some other long-standing weather event and scream the same inanities they always have. The crazy thing is that if there were no longer tornados in Tornado Alley, *that* would be evidence of a major weather pattern shift.

  2. Frank Feedback says:

    Righties: always ready to kill more children.

    • You are confused. Lefties like Gosnell murder millions of children every year. Righties are the family values people. We are the people who protect children from the loony left.

    • gator69 says:

      I’m still waiting on leftists to demand armed security for schools… but I guess they would prefer dancing to fixing anything. They prefer teaching kids about climate change, rather than spending that money on tornado shelters for schools.

  3. Jay Carter says:

    No, I believe that, on average our ancestors were dramatically smarter than we are.

    At least, smarter than the Liberals running the US are. Turns out that, in the late ’70s and early ’80s Devo were right. We ARE devolving.

    Just found your fantastic blog, btw. It will now be on my “must read” list.

  4. Ivan says:

    Here’s an interesting paper on this very issue:
    Witchcraft, Weather and Economic Growth in Renaissance Europe

    Click to access witchec.pdf

    Note the graph on p.220:
    Figure 1 – Temperature and Trials over Time 1520–1770
    “The results suggest that a one standard deviation decrease in temperature leads to about a 0.20 standard deviation increase in witch trials.”

  5. philjourdan says:

    Steve, you do not need to prove their reasoning is false with statistics. The very fact they use death and misery of humans classifies them as ghouls. It is indeed a sad day when adults will lie about death and misery to promote their own false gods.

  6. John Tlag says:

    Time proven winning formula: Control the fools through fear, greed, and guilt.

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