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1975 : Deep Dips In The Jet Stream Were Blamed On Global Cooling

The latest scam for the team is to try to blame dips in the jet stream on global warming. In 1975 they blamed it on global cooling. Science News Ice Age In the 1970s, no one was stupid enough to … Continue reading

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My Interest Is Ending Junk Science

Andy Revkin says that Marc Morano’s prime interest is sustaining fossil fuels, whatever that means. It just means assertions that all weird bad weather is, in essence, our fault are not grounded in science and, as a result, end up empowering those whose prime … Continue reading

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Piers Morgan Brags That Brits Don’t Have Guns And Can’t Defend Themselves

Woolwich attack: Two men ‘hack soldier wearing Help for Heroes T-shirt to death with machetes in suspected terror attack’ | Mail Online

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Climate Science Is In The Crapper

No global warming for almost 17 years Temperatures running below Hansen’s zero emissions scenario C. Longest spell since the Civil War without a major hurricane hitting the US Grover Cleveland’s presidency saw 26 hurricanes hit the US, compared to Barack … Continue reading

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1000 Km/Hr Winds From A Nuclear Bomb

Alarmists have managed to trash science yet again with their “tornadoes worse than nuclear bombs” claim.

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NOAA : Thirty Deadliest Tornado Years All Occurred Below 350 PPM

Hansen says that we have to get CO2 below 350 PPM to be safe. The data says the exact opposite. According to NOAA, the thirty deadliest tornado years from 1875 to 2008 all occurred below 350 PPM CO2. US Annual … Continue reading

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Stunning CO2 Breakthrough : Age Of The US Controlled By Atmospheric CO2

Using CO2 records going back to 1832, I have for the first time proven that CO2 controls time. The red line below is an almost perfect third order polynomial fit generated by Excel. If we continue to pump CO2 into … Continue reading

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