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The War On Sea Level Terrorism

The Prime Minister of Tuvalu has been try to extort money out of western countries, by calling them global warming terrorists who are drowning his country. Tuvalu and Global Warming Only problem is, sea level isn’t rising at Tuvalu. Data … Continue reading

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Quick Note To James Hansen

It is illegal to falsely shout fire in a crowded theatre. Turn yourself into the authorities immediately. Your lies are killing people. How do live with yourself? I can’t imagine. Have you checked your own data recently? Temperatures are below … Continue reading

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1921 : Earth Had A Fever

GHCN HCN data shows that 1921 was the hottest January-October in US history. CO2 was 307 PPM at the time.

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The Consensus Can’t Be Wrong

At least 97% of flies eat shit

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1931 Flood Killed Millions In China

President Obama says we can make the climate safe by reducing CO2 levels. CO2 was 307 PPM in 1931. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – Google News Archive Search The Milwaukee Journal – Google News Archive Search

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Shock News : Sea Level Has Risen 120 Metres

Post-Glacial_Sea_Level.png (526×359) Climate experts say that sea level rise is due to your SUV, but it was actually due to Fred Flintstone.

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Abnormally Propagandish

The US Drought Monitor says that the area around Fort Collins is abnormally dry. The reservoirs are full, snow pack is far above normal, the river is about to flood, and the area is by far the greenest anyone can … Continue reading

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Franny Armstrong Promoting Genocide Against Children Again

We’ve passed 400ppm: now what? | Spanner Films

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Obama Announces That Terrorism Has Been Defeated

Obama has already ordered more than 350 attacks compared to only around 50 under his predecessor George W Bush Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama has been ordering drone strikes about twice a week. He must be addicted to violent video games, … Continue reading

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400 PPM! We Should Have Listened To The Experts


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