The War On Sea Level Terrorism

The Prime Minister of Tuvalu has been try to extort money out of western countries, by calling them global warming terrorists who are drowning his country.

ScreenHunter_504 May. 24 11.38

Tuvalu and Global Warming

Only problem is, sea level isn’t rising at Tuvalu.

ScreenHunter_502 May. 24 11.35

Data and Station Information for FUNAFUTI B


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10 Responses to The War On Sea Level Terrorism

  1. Kaboom says:

    He resigned in 2004 and lost his seat in parliament in the election in 2006. Something all AGW supporting politicians should aspire to.

  2. philjourdan says:

    Give him a couple of billion dollars and let us have his sinking nation. I hear Greenland is an “up and coming” place to live. relocate them there.

  3. chris y says:

    I initially read Saufatu Sopoanga as Snafu Sopoanga.

  4. Blade says:

    “The Prime Minister of Tuvalu has been try to extort money out of western countries …”

    Bingo! That is exactly their plan. And they are being egged on by traitors located in the west.

    They should all be sent to Guantanamo and waterboarded. Either that or we can use their little wet islands as a replacement Naval target range for Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

  5. hank says:

    Why doesn’t someone point out that the earth is a bubble. Where is the water going to come from to ‘raise the ocean levels’. The bit that hte poles represent would not raise the TOTAL SURFACE AREA OF THE EARTH, IF THEY WEE MELTED COMPLETELY.

    • I’m not a warming alarmist, but it’s pretty clear from the physics that the complete melting of the polar ice caps would raise sea levels appreciably – but not if it is the ice cap that the Warming Chicken Littles are focused on… which, in a display of egocentrism that typifies their psychotypes, is the ice cap nearest them – which means the Arctic, because they’re mostly Yanks and Europeans.

      Best guess is that if Antarctica melted, the sea level would rise 61 metres (the ice there is sitting mostly on a firm geological base and has no contact with the sea). Still, that’s not a concern because it’s never going to happen (the mean annual temp there is -37℃ and it never gets above about -15℃).

      De-icing Greenland would raise sea levels 7 metres (again, the ice is supported by a land mass); that’s not going to happen unless the Earth warms another several degrees (in which case, life will be way better).

      Oddly enough, de-icing the Arctic would have no impact because almost all of the sheet ice in the Arctic is actually floating on the sea surface: think of an ice cube – when it melts, does the liquid level in your glass rise, or fall? Answer: if it’s a glass of water, the level is unchanged.

      The key is whether the existing ice is in the sea or is supported from underneath (as in Greenland and the Antarctic). Using the ice cube in a drink example: Antarctic melting would be like putting a big-ass ice cube in the ocean (sea levels would rise); Arctic melting is like watching an ice cube melt that’s already in the drink… it’s boring and the result is “meh”.

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