Expanded Background Checks

The ATF background check questionnaire needs to be amended to include a question about the prospective gun owner’s belief in AGW.

Not that climate alarmists are murdering their children, it is clear that they aren’t mentally stable enough to own a gun.

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Baby girl survives after being shot in the chest in parents’ global warming suicide pact | Mail Online


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5 Responses to Expanded Background Checks

  1. I think you mean, “NOW that climate activists…”.

  2. Blade says:

    Dear Paul Ehrlich, Hansen, McKibben, Gore, Romm, Mann, etc …

    You AGW climate kooks have blood on your hands. You should be imprisoned for manslaughter. You are just as guilty as the vermin that pulls a fire alarm in a elementary school that causes children to be trampled to death. You are public arsonists.

    Have any of you swine tweeted your comments about this case yet (and no doubt many others)? Or are you too busy drumming up some more fear over nothing?

    • Marian says:

      Yeah they do have blood on their hands.

      Problem is they think we have blood on our hands for not going along with their BS. Since they think they’re saving mankind from doom. While us peasants are causing the ills they think they’re trying to fix!

    • Blade says:

      Yep, you’re right, they do think we’re the problem (because we may cause some hypothetical death from rising sea levels a hundred years from now) despite the actual case of real deaths here and now right in front of their eyes. Probably just a few broken eggs for their Stalinesque omelot. Or maybe they can just call it a real late term abortion attempt or something similar.

      I swear these incidents are the ones that make me most angry, when helpless kids are victims, including when they are stacked and packed like clay pigeons in a undefended public school. The leftists thrive off the votes from masses of stupid people exactly like this couple. Furthermore, they could just as easily have chosen to kill themselves while driving by swerving into oncoming traffic and taken out several other families in the process and we might never have known that Ehrlich, Hansen, McKibben, Gore, Romm, and Mann were behind their deaths.

      This also makes me quite angry at those moderates on our side who insist we are simply in a debate of Science and must avoid discussing everything else. Wake the f*ck up McKitrick and McIntyre ( and the rest ), you are not and never were dealing with normal people in a debate about Science. You might as well have been debating Jim Jones about religion because it will get you just as far (recall all the poor kids murdered there as well, fed cyanide in their kool-aid).

      There is a death cult in our midsts and “Science” is but one tactic in their arsenal. If it fails to get the desired result they will move on to something else. They simply pull out whatever strategy will work in a given situation and then proceed. The corpses and destruction they leave along their way are mere vague memories to be forgotten en route to their salvation. To any of you leftists brave enough to read this, do everyone a favor and spare your helpless kids when you decide to kill your worthless selves. Sick bastards.

  3. scizzorbill says:

    Amazing that some humans can be led to believe in the most outlandish hoaxes when the evidence is to the contrary. True believers swallow the Kool Aid on faith alone. You would think he would wait until there was some actual global warming, but this mental disorder does not allow any critical thinking.

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