Final Solution To The Climate Crisis

From reading the news, the left appears to have determined how to stabilize the climate – like it was during the Irish Potato Famine and The Black Death.

Apparently, if all men spent their days packing fudge and driving hybrids, there would be no more bad weather, conflict, children, disease (expect for perhaps HIV) or crime.


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8 Responses to Final Solution To The Climate Crisis

  1. jeffk says:

    I’d like to see raw data on a conspiracy to make everybody gay to help cut human population. Not just another blogger’s quotes. But the unaltered sources they base their claims on, too.
    It has nothing to do with climate science, and I otherwise support your blog’s enlightening posts 100% (otherwise).
    The leftist agenda is screwed up, agreed, but please use facts to inform the people and not alienating imaginary conspiracies, too.

    • Only every other news story these days

      Please keep the black helicopters off this site. You are the only person who said anything about a conspiracy –

      • jeffk says:

        Yes there is growing tolerance of and cultural depictions of gay lifestyles. But will that really lead us to population decline?
        I’m of the belief that population control efforts are backfiring and won’t succeed. Because the wrong people use birth control (smarter couples) while the other wrong people do not (dumb couples). That’s why the underclass and unskilled labor pool grows and wages decline, while upper class and skilled labor is in short supply while their wealth portion increases.
        The popes were correct, and political correctness is wrong.
        That’s one of many “progressive” policies that backfired since after WWII.
        Glad you agree there’s no real conspiracy to make more people gay.

  2. omanuel says:


    I would appreciate comments from you and your readers on Resolution and Advancement:

    Click to access Resolution_Advancement.pdf

    • jeffk says:

      Nuclear power if affordable compared to other sources is fine. The problem is the traditional fission plants are very expensive now. Partly due to regulations.
      There’s another option now on the horizon that claims to be much cheaper and uses the spent fuel sitting stockpiled at older plants.
      Plus, hydrogen fuel cells powered by cheap natural gas is also on horizon. Fuel cells emit no CO2 or pollution of any kind (only water vapor), plus their power doesn’t require millions of gallons of water to cool steam turbine generators as other power plants do. Fuel cells are located at individual customers’ homes or businesses, and need no overhead powerlines to maintain or repair after storms.
      Information on hydrogen fuel cell technology:
      News on a new more affordable nuclear power plants that run on spent fuel stockpiles from old style expensive nuclear plants:

  3. Olaf Koenders says:

    “if all men spent their days packing fudge and driving hybrids”

    Isn’t that what all Californians do already?

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