Arctic To Be Ice-Free Next Spring

Climate experts predicted an ice-free Arctic for sometime before this summer, but the standard climate science lobotomy based extrapolation shows that it won’t actually occur until next March.ScreenHunter_20 May. 27 05.42


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4 Responses to Arctic To Be Ice-Free Next Spring

  1. gator69 says:

    Is that the NSIDC model projection?

  2. Andy Oz says:

    Global Sea Ice is about to exceed 2012 summer peak and I’m betting will beat all NH
    June peaks since 1979 and I reckon Christmas will have more global sea ice than any year since 1979. CAGW and Australia’s carbon tax are just amazing at cooling the planet down.

  3. R. de Haan says:

    Russians cross arctic ice from Novia Zembla to Canada… car:

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