Proof That Your SUV IS Melting The Arctic

Arctic sea ice area is normal.

ScreenHunter_15 May. 26 21.44

ssmi1_ice_area.png (1667×1250)


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6 Responses to Proof That Your SUV IS Melting The Arctic

  1. I am a Conservative that that does not believe in any Global Warming or Man Caused Climate Change! The Said…We Loved our old SUV, but since we were in the Market for a New Vehicle and going on the recomendations of a friend, we bought a 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid! At 47 MPG, It Doubles the MPG of our old SUV, Helping us pay Less at the Pump and allows us to go nearly 200 mile further on a Tank of Gas on long trips! With Gas Averaging $3.59 per gallon for the Last 2.5 years Under Obama with No Relief in Sight ..its more about Economic Savings/Survival instead of Saving the Enviromnent!!!

  2. SUV… Hahaha… I think the major thing the world needs is a change in lifestyle. Those has guzzling SUV is doing us more harm than good.

  3. BC says:

    Having trillions of our tax dollars thrown down the toilet on green scams and our civil liberties being taken away are doing us much more harm than any number of SUV’s.

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