Why Aren’t They Going After Illegal Handguns?

The majority of US gun deaths are suicides. Most of the rest are gang related in the inner cities, using illegal handguns.

Feinstein and Obama seem to have no interest in actually reducing gun deaths by enforcing existing laws, they just want to confiscate rifles.

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9 Responses to Why Aren’t They Going After Illegal Handguns?

  1. LLAP says:

    “Why Aren’t They Going After Illegal Handguns?”

    That would require Feinstein and Obama going after their own voting base … not likely!

  2. swampsniper says:

    “Assault rifles” are scary looking and are easier to portray as a threat to the low info crowd. Make no mistake about it, ,handguns are also on their hit list.

  3. gator69 says:

    What? Democrats alienating their BASE? 😆

  4. crosspatch says:

    Well, part of it is likely the eugenic progressive streak that says as long as it is “undesirables” being killed and as long as they are killing themselves and not anyone that really matters to them, let them have at it. Provided they aren’t killing themselves off faster than they are breeding and the voter population is stable or growing, they don’t care.

    Then there is the police union. We know that a relatively few people are responsible for a relatively larger number of murders. If we had an armed population that maybe killed off a few of these thugs in the course of the commission of various crimes, the murder rate would plummet. This would cost the police jobs and budget and it would also have a negative impact on the ability of politicians to “do something” about crime. If crime goes down, there is nothing to “do about it”. So they must not allow that to actually happen. They must keep fighting the fire without actually ever putting it out or reducing the threat of it.

    It also tends to kill off males. This means more females, likely with children, that can be “hooked” on government benefits across generations. The goal of the “progressive” Democrat is to incarcerate or kill off the male population while making the females dependent on the welfare state in exchange for their votes.

    So basically, the murder rate serves to help keep the population of “those people” from getting out of hand. And having armed law abiding citizens means that when they finally do get fed up, it might not be just pitchforks and torches they show up with at city hall, and they can’t have that, either.

  5. Mike says:

    They can’t go after gang related gun crime as this is the golden goose that’s enabling the rewriting of the Constitution. With out the gang bangers they are screwed, in fact more dumbocrats would like to see the murder rate go up to make their case for gun control.

    Same with global warming, most lefties wished every weather event to be worse than the last, only the climate was non compliant. Dull people want to restrict other humans freedom, using shitty bye laws or the Constitution to eradicate those perceived as a threat to their combined weakness.

  6. phodges says:

    Summed up nicely….


    “…When the economic poop hits the proverbial fan, Americans, out of options, out of food, out of any life-sustaining resources, will take to the streets and be met by whom? They will be met by (come’on say it with me now) “DHS and their 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition and 2700 armored personnel carriers.”

  7. higley7 says:

    You all miss the point. Sure, they have no desire to reduce crime—it’s what they want, just as crime has been fostered in the UK to keep the people meek and in fear.

    No one can stand up against an oppressive tyrannical government with handguns. We have to have rifles! They know this. There is no other reason that makes sense, particularly in light of their attacks on all of our other rights. They are afraid of us and they should be.

    They go after rifles because RIFLES ARE THE HEART OF THE 2nd AMENDMENT. We could not possibly stand up to an oppressive government with handguns. They HAVE to remove the rifles to be able to do whatever they want to us. The AR-15 is as good an offensive weapon as the military uses. After that, they would go after all rifles with a long reach. It our right and duty to remain as well armed as the military.

  8. Nixon tried gong after handguns – and failed.

    He doesn’t need any more comparisons to Nixon…

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