McKibben : CO2 To Make Earth Disappear

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It’s time to stop investing in the fossil fuel industry | Bill McKibben | Comment is free |


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19 Responses to McKibben : CO2 To Make Earth Disappear

  1. oeman50 says:

    Jeez, Bill McK is right. Now that the CO2 is 400 PPM, Earth vanished in a cloud of blue steam! Wait, it got better.

  2. Hell_Is_Like_Newark says:

    Wouldn’t it be more ‘real’ for the divest crowd to disconnect their gas service, stop buying heating oil, only buy from farms that do not use ANY petrochemical derived fertilizers, stop wearing any clothes made from any synthetic fibers, etc…. ?

  3. Kaboom says:

    McKibble’s troupe of clowns would be more credible if they practiced what they preached. Who will take serious a vegan who eats three steak meals at Outback Steakhouse seven days a week?

  4. Justa Joe says:

    Yeah Bill, since the planet will more than likely still be here it doesn’t make sense invest in companies that will make sure that you don’t have a pension to retire on.

  5. Sell baby sell!!!

    Then I can buy the shares at a lower price for my fund.

  6. Look, I really tried to invest in several “green” technology companies, all of which had the full support of the US government.

    Now I’m broke.

  7. gator69 says:

    What would it take to make McFibben disappear?

  8. This just proves that McKibbin also has no knowledge of stocks, either.

    He thinks that by having companies sell off their fossil fuel stocks, then “big oil” will stop selling fossil fuels.

    People can only sell off their stocks if there is someone willing to buy them for the price they want – giving stockholder control (and future shares of profits) to others.

    If they really wanted to prove a point, they should have just shredded their certificates, and prevent anyone else from profiting on those shares.

    They also need to give back any dividends they’ve recieved in the last 10 years. Why should they be allowed to keep a portion of the profits made by “big oil”?

  9. terrence says:

    Just when I think McFibben has said the most COMPLETELY STUPID thing possible, he out does himself! MY GAWD!!!

    As many others have mentioned, if he was serious about what he says, he would practice what preaches. But, just like Saint Gore, he can do no wrong – he is doing it for the FUTURE and CHILDREN!!!

  10. Rosco says:

    My comment at the Guardian

    “Here’s and idea – give him what he wants for a week but hold him accountable for the resulting disaster.

    No refrigeration – in a few days majority of food supply gone.
    No transport – food rots in fields.
    No clean water – massive health problems
    No sanitation – sewage in the streets, no refuse removal services.
    No entertainment ..

    Need I go on – it is time we called these people out for what they incite !

    They are stupid !”

    • Marian says:

      Good One.

      If Bill McNutten went without sanitation or clean water he could come down with an infectious disease. He would then turn it around and blame it on AGW/CC. Just like when he got bitten by a mosquito in Bangladesh and contracted Dengue Fever which he promptly lamented it was all because of AGW/CC.

  11. gofer says:

    They are taking the wrong approach. If I thought drinking was really bad and I decided to divest myself of all my booze, how would selling it to somebody else help the problem? Shouldn’t I pour it out? Or if I decided to divest myself of my car in order to lessen CO2, how would selling it to somebody else do any good? They should have just shredded the stock, returned all the dividends as Henrybird stated and rid themselves of that evil. They just moved it to somebody else and that certainly isn’t going to hurt oil companies but I’m sure they all got a really good “feeling” about what they have done which is nothing but deny themselves any monies they might get from dividends. That’s all lefties care about is having a feeling of moral superiority and when you are saving the planet, you get a really big dose of “Look at me and how great I am, I’m not like all the greedy, profit-driven capitalists who are destroying the earth.”

    Faux moral busybodies who occupy themselves with trying to force others into their ideology are the worst types. They never run out of things which they can condemn others and strut their own moral high horses. McKibben could find some real problems that he could spend his $4.7 million budget on that would have a real impact, but that is just too commonplace for a man with his intellect to waste his time on helping solve actual issues. The only people he can get a real following from is mushie head college students who are spreading their newly found wings and looking for a place in the world and so gullible they will gladly jump on anything that reinforces what they have been taught about all those evil capitalists.

  12. Olaf Koenders says:

    The biggest travesty is that McFibben is still breathing.

  13. AndrewS says:

    Bill McLuddite!

    • Olaf Koenders says:

      That’s pretty close, after all he does want to destroy the machines of the industrial revolution. He doesn’t realise how close to starving in a cave he’ll get if his wet dreams materialise.

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