Gaia Outs The Liars Yet Again

We have been hearing from the usual pack of liars that Arctic ice is the thinnest in human history, and that Arctic temperatures are the highest in human history. The ice seems to have a different theory.

ScreenHunter_654 May. 31 05.15

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

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61 Responses to Gaia Outs The Liars Yet Again

  1. T.O.O. says:

    The ice, indeed, will tell a different story as the melting season picks up a notch. Undoubtedly, the thin ice and low volume will result in a rapid decline in 4 to 6 weeks.

    • OMG – Ice melting in July! Ban fossil fuels now.

      • T.O.O. says:

        Did you notice the words “rapid decline”?

        As I have said many times, this year;s low ice volume will result in both a higher and sooner summer melt thus leading to increased solar absorption into the environment. I expect that this will become self evident in 4 to 6 weeks and crystal clear to all but the most deluded in 10 to 12 weeks.

        You, obviously, disagree. Time will tell who has, is, and will be right.

      • According to Maslowski, the Arctic will be ice free this summer.

      • T.O.O. says:

        My prediction is that ice extent will be in the vicinity of 2012 but that ice volume will be even lower by mid September.

    • Richard T. Fowler says:

      T.O.O., perhaps you noticed another article from Steven this morning:

      “Record Cold Continues On The Greenland Ice Sheet
      The summer solstice is three weeks away, and temperatures are still -30C.”


  2. gator69 says:

    Somebody give T.O.O. (aka Lazarus the Liar) a Nobel prize, he has just discovered that ice melts in summer!

    Obviously this means the end of the world, that governments should enslave us all, and waste all our wealth on meaningless gestures.

    • T.O.O. says:

      You certainly are one excitable and confused little man,

      • gator69 says:

        You are obviously a liar, we proved that before and you keep lying. Exactly what part of my avatar allows you to see my stature? Lying again Laz2.0? 😆

      • T.O.O. says:

        Stature isn’t always a measure of height.

      • gator69 says:

        Sorry Laz2.0, but when I call you out for the liar you are, it isn’t satire. 😉

      • gator69 says:

        BTW – the best measure of a man is his word, liar.

      • T.O.O. says:

        I expect you still believe that I am the same person who writes a blog although I have repeatedly said that was not the case. In fact, I changed my moniker to avoid confusion and most people got it, but not you.

        Based on this and your other numerous and dubious comments you post here, you seem to be terminally confused. That is common enough on this site, however, what diminishes you specifically is your habit of being aggressive in your confusion .

      • Olaf Koenders says:

        T.O.O., there’s a reason we’ve been discovering ancient manmade tools and tree stumps under retreating glaciers. Can YOU figure out why or do we have to educate you?

      • Vikings were very short, and lived underneath the ice.

      • T.O.O. says:

        Is this the kind of education you had in mind?

        Melting Garibaldi glacier reveals ancient stumps

        A U.S. scientist studying the “dramatic change” in ice conditions in B.C.’s Coast Mountains has discovered freshly exposed and perfectly preserved tree stumps some 7,000 years old — an “astonishing” sign of how fast and far the glaciers of Western Canada are retreating in the age of climate change.

        The glacier would have advanced and retreated many times over the ensuing 7,000 years. But never, notes Koch, had historical warming cycles ever shrunk Overlord enough to release these trunks from their primeval deep-freeze — until now. “The climate we observe these days is rather unique — especially considering the pace of change in the past 150 to 200 years is astonishing. It seems like an unprecedented change in a short amount of time,” Koch said.

        • Ben says:

          RE: T.O.O. – “Is this the kind of education you had in mind?”

          No that isn’t the kind of education he had in mind. I recommend you look at all of the organic dating instead of cherrypicking older dates. You may find papers like the following

          Click to access Glacial.pdf

          Even Lonnie Thompson shows more recent dates for reglaciation based on organic plant life dating. It was warmer in the recent past. Move the warm periods forward to 900AD-1400AD

  3. Wyguy says:

    I am in wonder as to how the Russians drove trucks across the thin Artic ice to Canada.

  4. tckev says:

    Gaia is obviously a women as she keeps asking “Does my ice look big in this?”

  5. Andy Oz says:

    The annual minimum extent in Global sea ice has been increasing substantially for 3 years despite 2012 Arctic minimum and Global maximums look like having 30 year highs. But I guess the Rapid Response team think otherwise.

  6. gator69 says:

    I expect you still believe that I am the same person who writes a blog although I have repeatedly said that was not the case. In fact, I changed my moniker to avoid confusion and most people got it, but not you.”

    Bullshit Laz2.0!

    First you changed your avatar and thought we are as stupid as you, and that we would not notice. Then you changed your name from “Lazarus” to T.O.O, somewhat copying the other poster here who also id’d you as the bunny boiling host of “Really Sciency”.

    Two things you should know dumbass, WordPress does not allow two posters with the same name, Lazarus, and the second is that you are NO Jedi! You are the retard we are looking for! 😆

    Keep lying you POS, it really helps move your agenda forward! 😆

    • gator69 says:

      gator69 says: Two things you should know dumbass, WordPress does not allow two posters with the same name,. . .

      Look above at who the poster of this comment — is it you?.

      You truly are a confused little man.

      • T.O.O. says:


        Just in case Steve, removes my (your?) comment immediately above, I wanted to save the post for posterity as proof of your unfailing confusion.

        BTW, it is just as funny reading it the 2nd time around.

        gator69 says:
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        June 1, 2013 at 12:16 pm
        gator69 says: Two things you should know dumbass, WordPress does not allow two posters with the same name,. . .

        Look above at who the poster of this comment — is it you?.

        You truly are a confused little man.

        • gator69 says:

          Boy you sure showed me! 😆

          F off you lying POS. You are one if the very dumbest people I have ever met.

          Lie some more Laz2.0! 😆

        • gator69 says:

          Now I have saved this for posterior’s sake, that’s YOU a-hole! 😆

          Saved to my email for all time, come back soon moron! 😆

        • T.O.O. says:

          Your whole premise about me being actually someone else was just shattered — more than one person can have the same moniker (in case you missed it, I just used your very own moniker to post a comment) and yet you just keep ploughing on like a drunk driver leaving the scene of an accident only to cause another.

          For the love of Mike, I do not have a blog site and never have. Can I be any more clear?

        • Have you ever made an intelligent comment here?

        • gator69 says:

          NOPE!!! 😆

          Liars are such easy targets.

        • T.O.O. says:

          Lets leave it up to the state of late-summer Arctic ice to determine who is the more intelligent between us. Agreed?

        • I’m not wasting any more time on you.

        • T.O.O. says:

          What am I supposed to understand from your 2009 graph? That temperatures for 60 days were below normal, that 20 days were normal and 280 days were well above normal?

          If you are using your link to prove that Arctic temperatures are generally rising, I already knew that.

        • You are a complete moron. Summer temperatures have been below normal. That is the only time when the ice can melt.

        • T.O.O. says:

          Ice has been melting for two months and it is not yet Summer. And by all accounts, the central Arctic is disintegrating as we speak and that is where air temperature is the coldest. Are you sure you have thought this through?

          But enough of our playful “argy bargy”. September will reveal who the winner is and who is the real moron.

        • There has been almost no melt in the Arctic this year. The ice loss to date has been outside of the Arctic.

          No matter how many times I explain this stuff to you, you seem incapable of learning.

        • sunsettommy says:

          Central Arctic is not melting because it is still well below freezing.

          It is the outer margins OUTSIDE of the Arctic that is melting back.That is why we get this downslope starting in March.The main year round ice pack is currently in deep freeze and not melting.

        • sunsettommy says:

          Surely you notice that the short time it was above freezing it was right on the median line.No warming trend in the summer at all.

          The rest of the year it is well BELOW freezing.

          So what if it warmed from – 15 C to – 12 C it is still way below freezing.

          You should be more worried that it warms 50 degrees at Vostok each year during the short summer time but it is still well below freezing such as -20 C level.

          When will you stop being alarmed by deep freezing temperatures?

        • T.O.O. says:

          No response. Interesting.

        • gator69 says:

          Just what I was thinking you lying POS! 😆

        • You are terminally stupid

        • T.O.O. says:

          You do realize, I hope, that just posted a link that clearly shows more than half the year had temperatures well above normal as your proof that temperatures are not rising And yet after doing that, you call me the stupid one?

        • sunsettommy says:

          You are stupid because it is still well below freezing therefore still can’t melt ice.

          How old are you anyway?

        • I do hope you realize that ice only melts above its freezing point, and that only occurs 90 days per year in the high Arctic. During the rest of the year, ice accumulates.

          The reason that ice volume has decreased is because starting in 1988, winter winds blew large amounts of MYI out into the North Atlantic.

          Please stop being an idiot.

        • T.O.O. says:

          The AO reversed itself 5 years ago. You should stay more current.

        • Why do you constantly change the subject?

        • gator69 says:

          Liars must constantly weasel their way through debate. Notice how Laz2.0 stopped responding to me when I showed everyone who he really is, but thankfully not before he made a complete ass of himself. 😆

        • sunsettommy says:


          The classic diversionary comment when you can’t keep up with rational discussion.

          When are you going to install your brain and think about what Steve is saying here?

        • sunsettommy says:

          Yeah he is that stupid because while he whines about warming trends of still well below freezing temperature he fails to notice that during the short time it is above freezing there is no warming trend at all.

          He has yet to show that ice melts at -10C.

        • Ice does melt at -10C during the winter, because it gets blown out into the warmer waters of the North Atlantic

        • sunsettommy says:

          Sure I agree,but I was talking about AIR temperature and the ice staying in the region T.O.O. dumb is babbling about.

  7. Ben says:

    For T.O.O

    The AO was mostly negative from the 1940s through 1985, and heavily positive from 1988 through the year 2009. Your five year reverse claim is bunk…

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