Past The Tipping Point : 2014 High School Seniors Have Seen No Global Warming During Their Life

Children have been force fed Al Gore propaganda since they started public school, yet none of them have actually experienced any global warming.

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Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs


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7 Responses to Past The Tipping Point : 2014 High School Seniors Have Seen No Global Warming During Their Life

  1. jeffk says:

    If you know one working today, please locate an investigative reporter to dig up meeting minutes and talking point PR hatched by Gore and Hansen in the ’90s. I bet he or she will find human climate change theiry was part of a plot to continue NASA funding stream in light if reduced space exploration budgets.

  2. Mike says:

    A minor misstatement. To be correct they have seen some higher temps during their lifetime. but looking at the start and end points they have not experienced AGW. That is the game the warmist play, I wouldn’t recommend the warmist type analysis.

  3. glenncz says:

    what’s crazy is look at that graph and how global temp change change .7C in much less than one year. We know the oceans do that. That .7C is the amount the planet is supposed to have warmed since 1940, 70 years ago. So people say they think they can tell it is getting warmer = complete nonsense, they have no understanding of constant typical world and even greater regional climate variation. Now the warming has stopped because the oceans have taken up the heat in its’ deep depths. OK, but maybe the reason for the warming from 1975-1998 was because of release of heat from the oceans depths? Of course, the satellites don’t even show warming from 1979-1997, they only shot the step up after the 1998 El Nino. This entire discussion is a complete waste of our time! Thanks so much Steve for exposing this scientific stupidity and “thievery” every day. The climate experts, (scientists), who should be explaining this stuff to us are just full of ****.

  4. John says:

    Steve like ps commented on your post early at the WP.

  5. gator69 says:

    And now they graduate to no jobs, because of that nonwarming, that forced leftists to strangle industry.

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