Understanding Consensus Science

“Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts”

– Richard Feynman

97% of climate experts are completely incompetent.

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11 Responses to Understanding Consensus Science

  1. jeffk says:

    Did you see this on the editorial pages, saying immigration reform will further dry up the Colorado River basin and aquifers out west?
    See http://m.reporternews.com/news/2013/may/31/bonnie-erbe-talk-about-immigration-should-effect/

  2. tckev says:

    I am sure some ‘AGW/manmade climate change’ believer help can clear a few issues I have…

    1. More than twenty years ago the models predicted a continuing upward trend in global surface temperatures if greenhouse gases emissions were not severely curtailed. Emissions have exceeded our worst expectations so…..

    2. In 2000 in both Britain and Germany, it was predicted that children would grow up no knowing what snow was. The decreasing can trend can be found ……

    3. Following the massive heat wave in Europe in 2003, it was predicted that would extreme heat waves would become more frequent. This trend is shown….

    4. Following Hurricane Katrina, it was predicted that would be an upward trend in these severe storms. The evidence can be found……

    5. In 2007 the UNIPCC predicted that climate change could lead to a drop fall in crop yields by up to 50% in some African countries by 2020. The latest evidence to support this prediction consists of…..

    6. One of the most visible signs of warming is the disappearing snows of Kilimanjaro. This continuing trend can be found…..

    7. One of the most dire predicted consequences of global warming is accelerating sea level rise. The latest data demonstrating this trend can be found at…

    8. One of the biggest contributors of sea level rise is melting of the polar ice caps. Velicogna and Wahr 2006 predicted that the contribution to sea level rise from Greenland alone would rise from zero to 7mm per annum between 2002 and 2012. The actual data to support this is to be found……

    9. Show that the methods are in the tradition of the greatest scientists like Newton, Pasteur, Einstein and Feynman. Where different, explain why climate science’s methods are superior, or more appropriate.

    10. Show how, like in the field of medical science, climate science is advancing and over-turning or modifying previously held views through better quality analysis, and can show how proper controls are being implemented and adhered to in order to prevent any conflicts of interest from, for instance, the same people creating temperature sets who are also the trying to vigorously promote their theories.

    From a policy point of view, the UNIPCC in the Summary for Policymakers in 2007 that

    Peer-reviewed estimates of the social cost of carbon in 2005 average US$12 per tonne of CO2, but the range from 100 estimates is large (-$3 to $95/tCO2).

    Given that it would be totally immoral to impose policy whose consequences are more damaging that the issue it is supposed to alleviate, proposals for the proper implementation and control of policy are to be found ……

    I thank http://manicbeancounter.com/2013/05/29/three-positive-ways-to-counter-climate-denial/ for this formulation.

  3. Andy Oz says:

    Consensus science says that Global Sea Ice is disappearing.
    Weird! I’d say it’s increasing (short term) or stable (long term) but maybe I’m a dyslexic chart reader. Of course Laz 2.0 et al would say it is rotten ice and full of holes and will disappear completely by September 2013. Good luck with that hypothesis.

  4. I’d like people to define what they mean by “consensus” before they throw the word around. Planet has warmed recently or we’re all going to die? Or something inbetween? Or “whatever it is that the IPCC claims is true.”

  5. jeffk says:

    If Arctic or polar ice is thinning but sea level rise is the same rate as before, then the ice is evaporating due to global cooling. Not melting due to warming. Cooling also explains why the Gulfstream would slow down or stop, as when an ice age happens.

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