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Mann-Made Global Warming Finally Proven

Twenty-five percent of all global warming is due to data tampering at GISS since 2004. 2004 Version     2012 Version This is on top of all their data tampering prior to 2004.

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Twelve More Inches Of Corn Belt Permanent Drought

Intellicast – Weekly Precipitation in United States

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Grist Demonstrates The Origins Of Stupidity And Witchcraft

Evidence of climate change is all around us, manifesting in superstorms, wildfires, and melting ice. But temperature spikes recorded by weather stations over the past 15 years have been more muted than was previously the case, and lower than climate models … Continue reading

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Melting Greenland Ice Reveals Fossils From The Last Time CO2 Was Over 400 PPM

Weather Webcams | Weather Underground

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Scientific Breakthrough : National Geographic Discovers That A Tornado Can Not Persist For Two Weeks

Ker Than for National Geographic Published June 1, 2013 A second wave of deadly tornadoes and thunderstorms that ripped through Oklahoma Friday night is not related to the colossal twister that tore through the same region less than two weeks ago, … Continue reading

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Fossil Fuel Powered Overheated Atmosphere, Brings First Ever Summer Skiing To The South Of France

French ski station to re-open slopes, in June! – The Local After the 2003 heatwave, the world’s top climate experts unanimously told us that French summers were just going to get hotter. Obama says that it should be illegal to … Continue reading

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