Correlation Achieved!

Belief in global warming correlates directly with the increase in mind-altering drugs.

ADHD med usage doubles in 5 years The use of medication to treat ADHD has more than doubled in the last five years, in part due to more diagnoses prompted by daycare centres.

ADHD med usage doubles in 5 years | Yle Uutiset |

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8 Responses to Correlation Achieved!

  1. gator69 says:

    Who in the Hell let’s a daycare center decide their child’s medical care? Of course they want those kids doped up and listless.

    • I. Lou Minotti says:

      They’re indoctrinating earlier these days, gator.

      • gator69 says:

        Who? Parents? Indoctrincation is one thing, and ‘Soma’ is another.

        • I. Lou Minotti says:

          No, gator. Preschools. Government-funded, lies induced. And lazy mommies and daddies with franchise mentalities subjecting their most precious possessions to socialist idiots who are more than willing to raise them up after mommy and daddy have abdicated their roles. Of course, mommy and daddy are so stressed out that they’ll grab for any remedy possible–including ADHD drugs for their kids prescribed by “professionals” who can’t even keep their own lives straight. Hey, I know firsthand. The recently retired PhD. school psychiatrist of the Cumberland County, NJ school district (and a “cousin” by marriage), “counseled” equally-stupid, knuckle-dragging parents by prescribing Prozac to the parents and Ritalin to the kids. That solves behavioral issues, I’m sure!

          You’re right, idiots want kids doped up and listless. However, idiots to the Nth power are the parents that refuse to raise their own kids. The ones that prescribe the remedies might have a short-term, Band-Aid approach, but then you have to look at their own kids–f#*ked up, and now living in NY City’s “progressive” collegiate community. Her Sicilian mother with a PhD prescribed drugs for her at an early age, as opposed to raising her as most normal mothers are prone to do. But, her living room has the most costly relics from her annual visits to Europe, her plush, red velvet sofa and chairs have the latest plastic slip-covers, and a daughter who finds any excuse to not come home to visit mom. THAT is what I meant. Mommy is an “academic” with a “doctorate!” And she lost her kids as a result.

  2. I. Lou Minotti says:

    After reading Otto’s mum Anna-Elina Hovatta’s comment that “Otto didn’t quite manage in groups,” I had a flashback to Mrs. Spain’s 1st grade handwritten note to my mother, stating that “Louis doesn’t work well with others.” It’s amazing that I had the ability to recognize (and stay away from) consensus driven idiots. 53 years later, I guess I’ve done pretty good by thinking for myself.

  3. Pathway says:

    Manley used on little boys so they will act like little girls.

  4. Pathway says:

    Mainly not manley.

  5. Raindog says:

    You mean amphetamine use has doubled…

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