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Twitter / BarackObama: As hurricane season begins, …

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97% Of Americans Think That The Obama White House Directed IRS Felonies

Conservative group claims it has proof IRS leaked donor list | Fox News

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No Sea Level Rise For 30 Years At Point Reyes, California

Data and Station Information for POINT REYES Data and Station Information for POINT REYES

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Past The Tipping Point

AT last a Scientist, Professor Myles Allen, Oxford University’s professor of geosystems science and head of its Climate Research Network, says what a lot of people have been saying for years. He says global warming has been one long con … Continue reading

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Eating Soy Hot Dogs Can Prevent Hurricanes

Each of us has the power to reduce the devastating effects of climate change every time we eat. Our local supermarket offers a rich variety of soy-based lunch meats, hot dogs Letter: Fight global warming at the dinner table | … Continue reading

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How Many Things Can A Leftist Loon Get Wrong In One Paragraph?

As the planet continues to warm up, and as serious efforts to address climate change continue to be impeded by a combination of lobbyist money, lazy media and, quite frankly, willfully ignorant and selfish morons who get their scientific insights … Continue reading

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Fastest Warming Place On Earth Continues Below Normal Temperatures

Arctic temperatures have been below normal for a month. The Arctic is the fastest warming place on earth, according to Hansen’s magic purple crayon. Animation using Javascript Animation Player

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