Reader Quiz

Hundreds of millions of people have died by genocide. Who has committed all of these genocides?

  1. The National Rifle Association
  2. Adolf Hitler
  3. Yasser Arafat
  4. Al Gore
  5. Chuck Norris
  6. Government

You can trust government to disarm you.

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2 Responses to Reader Quiz

  1. miked1947 says:

    You left Arnie out of the choices!

  2. No Substitute for Victory says:
    Put away your water wings people. Here is a link to a former (because he’s dead now) prominent climate denier’s web page. By following the link above and then clicking on “Still Waiting on Green House” you will find the most dramatic and irrefutable evidence that Global Warming is a crock of tihs. This evidence goes back to July the First 1841 @2:44 PM on the Isle of the Dead. This island is located in Port Arthur on the Southern coast of the Australian province of Tasmania. Because Port Arthur doesn’t have a source of fresh water flowing into it was chosen as the best location for a permanent “Mean Sea Level” bench mark.

    Steven, Gator69, milked1947, etc. I think that you will find this web sight more than interesting. I remember seeing this 30-40 years ago on a documentary about the exploration of the Southern Polar Ocean but had been unable to locate it on the Internet until today. As you and my fellow readers can readily see, it is not in Gore’s, Mann’s, or even Skeeter’s best interest for this information to become well known. Because the Mean Sea Level (MSL) “Bench Mark” mentioned and pictured in this link is in a direct line with Antarctica, the tidal wave of Global Warming melt water rushing past the “Isle of the Dead” should be clearly on display for all to see.

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