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Understanding Freedom In Obamaland

Freedom of choice means that you are free to have an abortion, but all other choices are made by the government. Privacy means that a 12 year old girl can get birth control pills without her parent’s knowledge, but all … Continue reading

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Kulusuk Farmer’s Market Opens This Weekend

Snow cones are all the rage in Greenland this summer. Weather Webcams | Weather Underground

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97% Of The Greenland Ice Sheet Is Open For Golf

Two weeks from the summer solstice, temperatures have risen to a blistering -13C. summit:status:webcam

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I’m 97% Certain That John Cook Knows His Study Is A Fraud

It is bad enough lying about your own work, but lying about other people’s work too?

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Hope And Change Comes To America

Google News In order to protect your freedoms, the White House needs to take them away from you.

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Oklahoma Permanent Drought Update

Back in April, the USGS released a report on Dust-Bowlification that concluded drier conditions were projected to accelerate dust storms in the U.S. Southwest.  In large parts of Texas and Oklahoma now,  the drought is more intense than it was … Continue reading

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Demand That Your Government Restores The Climate To 1925!

  Ellensburg Daily Record – Google News Archive Search http://trove.nla.gov.au/

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