I’m 97% Certain That John Cook Knows His Study Is A Fraud

It is bad enough lying about your own work, but lying about other people’s work too?

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10 Responses to I’m 97% Certain That John Cook Knows His Study Is A Fraud

  1. Andy Oz says:

    Born again evangelicals like John have deleted that commandment from the list just like they got rid of the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age. The delete key is their favourite, just like when they delete criticisms from their own websites.

  2. It’s all for a good cause though.

  3. Nathan says:

    Does that not apply to the author of this blog as well?

  4. Eric Simpson says:

    Wuwt just did a piece about the glaring failure of every climate models. My comment:
    A movie needs to be made called The Real Inconvenient Truth.
    Across the globe, billions, actually trillions of dollars in total have been spent on global warming climate change, especially on insidious govt and academic institution building. All this money, and hordes of people, from every walk of govt and academia are still chasing their dream, that their man-made eco-monster will be tamed.. by them. A huge huge amount of resources are involved. But the people need to know the real inconvenient truth. Now, the warmists are frightened to see that the monster isn’t what they had hoped for. Yes, they change the name to climate change as a first effort to keep the monster alive. And they’ll do more back-peddling. But the truth must be broadcast. A lot of people here are saying “we need a fund.” Good idea.

  5. DarrylB says:

    I donated to the one being made–about the real cost of proposed carbon dioxide sequestering.
    Perhaps a second could be made. But it would take much money. Of course big Al has enough all by himself just from what he indirectly got from oil!
    i believe there are rich and would be willing donors if they would become informed. Gotta stay at it.

  6. NoMoreGore says:

    Sometimes you can just see the stupid…. in a picture…

  7. PaddikJ says:

    You think? I’ve always thought that Cook & Nutty are as cluelessly loony as Hansimian. What kink of Kool-Aid do they serve down under?

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