Climate Linear Algebra

Professors David Karoly and Peter Rayner from the University of Melbourne, found that exceeding 6 degrees warming was now unlikely while exceeding 2 degrees is very likely for business-as-usual emissions.

Climate Scientists Say Global Warming Of 2 Degrees Is More Likely | Asian Scientist Magazine | Science, Technology and Medicine News Updates From Asia

The global climate has been warming at a rate of 0.0 C / 16 years. Let’s do the math to see how long until 2C warming.

0.0 t + 0.0 = 2.0

Drawing on my finest university derived math skills, I calculate that we hit 2.0C warming in approximately ∞ years.

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11 Responses to Climate Linear Algebra

  1. Ron C says:

    We see daily that alarmists and media supporters whip up CO2 hysteria based upon the radiative effect on the climate from “heat trapping greenhouse gases.” They mislead in two ways. Most of radiation is from H2O, and only a minor amount from CO2. Secondly, radiation is a bit player in the troposphere, where conduction, convection and latent heat transfer dominate.

    The public is thus deceived, and the CO2 molehill is transformed into a mountain endangering humankind. The distortion is never exposed, and as one result, we get a new estimate by the US Dept. Of Energy of $36 for the social cost per ton of carbon emissions.

  2. Not to mention, Melbourne Australia is apparently counted as part of Asia now…(“news updates from Asia”)

  3. Raindog says:

    I don’t know if infinity is a likely scenario, we know that the earth now is cooler than the majority of its known history and that more than likely at some point it will head towards its normal non-ice-age temperatures, which thankfully is much warmer than now. Its the only obvious thing to happen, whether it happens in the next thousand years, who knows though and until we are able to manifest free energy from nothing, we surely will have nothing to do with it

  4. Sparks says:

    I concur with your calculations.

  5. Sparks says:

    But, on further studying of this interpretation, it can also be said; we will hit 2.0C cooling in approximately ∞ years.

  6. Circa 2007 the science is settled and 6C of warming can’t be ruled out. Circa 2013, the science is settled and 2C of warming can’t be ruled out. Fortunately these researchers work in a field that is of no actual importance to anyone.

  7. gator69 says:

    Steven! How dare you! Don’t you know you cannot project future warming without an IPCC approved model? 2+2=4 if not carefully modeled.

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