The Leftist Global Warming Scandal – North Of The Border

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Today’s front page in cold Ontario

Canadian communists are in almost as much trouble as the ones in the White House. They cancelled a couple of gas fired power plants in order to save the world from global warming, at the cost of more than half a billion dollars to Canadian taxpayers. When they realized they were in trouble, they illegally deleted their E-mails.

Since Al Gore has been trashing Canada, again, while on his latest book tour, today I will trash Al Gore.

1. While preaching energy austerity for everyone else in order, he claims, to save the planet from man-made climate change, Gore personally lives a luxurious, jet-setting, carbon dioxide-consuming lifestyle, including multi-million-dollar homes and never-ending, first-class, globe-trotting. Telling others to “do as I say, not as I do” – is the classic definition of a hypocrite and it describes Gore to a T.

2. While constantly denouncing the evils of the fossil fuel industry, Gore recently sold his Current TV for $500 million (including a reported personal profit of $70 million) to Al Jazeera, the international news service funded by the oil-and- natural-gas-rich Arab emirate of Qatar. See the definition of a hypocrite, above.

3. Gore compares Canada’s oil sands to an “open sewer,” despite knowing full well the single greatest driver of man-made climate change in North America today, if the theory of anthropogenic global warming is correct, is America’s use of coal, particularly to generate electricity. By contrast, Canada’s use of coal is relatively insignificant, given that, unlike the U.S., most of our electricity generation comes from hydro and nuclear power, which do not emit greenhouse gases. Even prominent Canadian climate scientists who are no fans of the Stephen Harper Conservative government, have acknowledged development of the oil sands is an insignificant contributor to global warming, and that the global use of coal, particularly to generate electricity, is by far the greatest threat to the climate.

4. Gore and Bill Clinton are mainly responsible for the fact the U.S. never implemented the Kyoto accord on global greenhouse gas emissions. After the Clinton-Gore White House agreed to Kyoto in principle, it never tried to ratify it, the legal measure required to bring it into effect. This was due to the fact the U.S. Senate voted unanimously, 95 to 0, to refuse to ratify Kyoto until it established mandatory emission cuts for China, India and the rest of the developing world. Instead of working to build political support for Kyoto, Clinton and Gore adopted the Senate’s position opposing Kyoto as their own. That continued to be U.S. policy through the George Bush and Barack Obama administrations, right up to the expiration of the Kyoto protocol at the end of 2012. Hypocritical North American environmentalists and Canadian opposition politicians who constantly denounce Canada for legally withdrawing from the Kyoto protocol in 2011, never mention the U.S., starting with the Clinton-Gore administration, never even joined Kyoto.

5. While Gore routinely bashes the Harper Conservatives, in 2009 he said in Toronto that then Liberal Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty’s green energy program was “widely recognized … as the single best green energy (program) on the North American continent.” In fact, McGuinty’s green energy program has been an utter disaster, saddling Ontarians with billions of dollars of extra costs on their hydro bills for generations to come, according to Ontario’s non-partisan Auditor General, as well as costing thousands of jobs. McGuinty’s Green Energy Act took away the rights of citizens to object to industrial wind turbines being rammed down their throats across Ontario. At the same time, the McGuinty government caved in to political pressure and cancelled gas plants in Mississauga and Oakville (also part of the Liberals’ green energy program), costing taxpayers at least $585 million, in order to save a few Liberal seats in the last election.

6. Gore’s 2006 film An Inconvenient Truth, for which he won the Nobel Prize and an Academy Award, is a train wreck when it comes to scientific accuracy. It wrongly projects massive sea level rises which no credible scientific body supports and constantly confuses “weather” and “climate.” It inaccurately blames individual weather events, such as specific hurricanes, on man-made global warming, and misleadingly links anthropogenic climate change solely to such hot weather phenomena as heat waves and droughts. In fact, climate experts say, global warming can also cause record snowfalls and cold snaps. Finally, the movie glosses over the enormous threat to human health and well-being of suddenly moving industrialized economies off fossil fuels, and of preventing developing nations from using fossil fuels to industrialize.

Indeed, the real inconvenient truth about Al Gore is that he is a carbon-spewing hypocrite who has been getting a free ride – particularly from an uncritical Canadian media – for far too long.

Sun News : Al Gore, carbon hypocrite

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15 Responses to The Leftist Global Warming Scandal – North Of The Border

  1. Blade says:

    First I heard of this. Perhaps some Canadians can fill us in on whether this scandal has legs and whether the government has the spine to finish them off.

  2. nzrobin says:

    Steve, love the post, but in item 1, in regard to Al Gore it’d be more true to say ‘carbon dioxide emitting lifestyle’. He isn’t a big tree. He’s a big chimney.

  3. Eric Simpson says:

    Full-fledged idiots. Ransack their own economy and energy capabilities… to “save the world.” Then the saviors run to the corner and hide when the spotlight comes. “We did it to save the world!” Right, like from 15 years of non-warming, and a sea level that remains just the same as it was decades ago. The climate is and will be just fine. Cowardly arrogant imbeciles.

  4. Jefft says:

    Pity the poor Canadians, as they also have David Suzuki in residence, with the office of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project currently located in the Montreal offices of the David Suzuki Foundation in the province of Quebec.
    Australia could gladly send back Bill McKitten, who is visiting and touring here at present as an adviser, to make it three.
    Would that make them a triumvirate, or a triumvirus?

  5. Andy Oz says:

    Alarmists love deleting things. The Eighth Commandment is deleted. Any contradiction of their crap on their websites RC, SKS et al is deleted. Obama deleted any record of Benghazi, instructions to tap journos, IRS visits to the White House, and his birth records. The modern equivalent of Nazi book burning!

  6. Otter says:

    I live in Southern Ontario. Recently heard an ‘expert’ from Environment Canada, say that June would be ‘above normal’ for temps…. We’ve been below normal all this first week.

    And YES, delete the Liberals! They cost the province one Billion dollars so far thanks to moving a half-built gas plant out of a riding they needed the vote from. And that’s just for starters.

    • Billy Liar says:

      I live in Southern Ontario. Recently heard an ‘expert’ from Environment Canada, say that June would be ‘above normal’ for temps…. We’ve been below normal all this first week.

      Unfortunately, all this below normal weather in the northern hemisphere is going to end badly. Somewhere this summer is going to have a heatwave and the alarmists are going to jump on it like a drowning man on a piece of flotsam. We’ll never hear the end of the 2013 heatwave wherever it happens.

  7. nigelf says:

    I live in Eastern Ontario and the problem in a situation like this is that the Liberal Government has a minority and it would take cooperation from both the Conservative Party and NDP to bring them down. The Conservatives are all for it but the NDP leader not so much. She has little to gain by helping to get an election called because she’s even more left wing than than the sitting Liberals. As such, she would probably lose seats to the Conservatives and be weakened after an election so she continues to prop this thoroughly corrupt government. As things get worse though this will only hurt her, knowing the corruption and still supporting it. I wouldn’t want to have to defend myself of those charges on the election trail.

    One other thing: apparently even though what they did by deleting all those emails was against the law, there’s currently no penalty for doing so. I guess that leaves it up to the fed-up citizenry to assemble the lamp post hanging.

  8. WillR says:

    There is a lot of opposition to the Green Energy Act and the Liberal Scandals.

    IF legislation is a work in progress, Ontario’s Green Energy Act is increasingly an exercise in futility. Launched in 2009 with great fanfare by then premier Dalton McGuinty, this head-first dive into responsible energy production was to place Ontario on the leading edge of a modern industry bursting with potential.
    Ontario would attract wind and solar power developers with lucrative contracts. They would develop all kinds of clean power to replace that from Ontario’s cancelled coal plants, leading the way in Canada’s climate change efforts. Developers would agree to manufacture components in Ontario. There would be 50,000 new jobs by the end of 2012, McGuinty said, and untold economic benefits throughout the province.

    Who could argue with that? A good many people, it turns out. The contracts were so rich, the terms had to be changed to appease a public angered at learning it was paying considerably more for power from free sun and wind than from costly conventional sources. While Ontario was among the North American leaders in moving toward green energy, Europe had been at it for years and while thriving in some jurisdictions, others were moving away from it.

    Wind power was generating widespread complaints about annoying sound and flicker effects from monstrous spinning blades and related health effects were and are being investigated. The Green Energy Act removed local control which meant developers could build solar and wind farms in places where people and municipalities didn’t want them. Thunder Bay has learned this hard lesson, forced to agree to wind turbines on top of a scenic mountain range hugging its southern edge and losing an argument over specific siting to a lawsuit filed, then withdrawn by Horizon Wind Inc.

    However many big city liberals see the programs as their personal salvation from the global warming witch. Go figger!

    See the story about the NextERA lawsuit as well!

    Thanks to the GEA we will all be paupers in our own land!

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