Obama Says Congress Knew : Congress Says Obama Is Lying

Several lawmakers said they had not been briefed on the Obama administration’s classified programs to monitor cellphone and Internet traffic.

That’s in direct contradiction to President Barack Obama’s assertion. The president said on Friday that “every member of Congress” has been briefed on the programs led by the National Security Administration.


Obama is making the argument that everyone in Washington has agreed to trashing the Bill of Rights, and that should comfort us.

h/t to Dave G

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3 Responses to Obama Says Congress Knew : Congress Says Obama Is Lying

  1. You have to understand, the words Obama uses have no relationship to anything he as done, is doing, or will do. They are simply spoken for momentary effect to misdirect his audience away from the fact he has already shredded the constitution and the law. Rights are to be permitted only at his whim and incidental inattention to detail. Freedom, liberty, and respect for individual rights are not within his span of attention or even awareness. That is largely because he feels he is the only relevant individual and the rest of us are pawns who’s value lies only in being manipulated and sacrificed.

  2. Eric Barnes says:

    What’s amazing is either congress or the president must be telling the truth. A step in the right direction.

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