The Beauty Of Going Green

If we cut off the fossil fuel supply, every last tree would be cut down within six months.

Tough call – a tiny increase in CO2 vs. a complete environmental and human catastrophe.

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7 Responses to The Beauty Of Going Green

  1. Blade says:

    Unlike all those previous thousands of years, in the 19th century when humans switched over to fossil fuels, they actually did go green.

    The old fossil fuel-less fantasy world was noted by open fire pits, candles, sea and animal oil lamps, fur coats and fireplaces. Replenishing these energy sources meant cutting down every tree and killing animal in sight. Even if you care not for other species there is the human safety factor to consider. Imagine hundreds of millions of homes and tightly packed apartment complexes *each* with their own lamps, candles and fireplaces in use. What could possibly go wrong? Entire cities will burn to the ground once again as they routinely did in the not too distant past.

    And there’s this, consider what happens when all the forests are cut down to get wood (forests that have benefited immensely by the sane and logical move to *fossil* fuels), CO2 levels will then increase anyway because we will destroy more natural carbon sinks. Reverting to Green means achieving nothing! We are Green now and have vast forests to prove it.

    In the past we killed every plant and animal in sight on the surface and in the seas to generate our warmth. I think our current way is better, and so do all those plants and animals.

  2. Eric Simpson says:

    And there’s a lot of reason to suspect that there’s no AGW anyway, and even no GW. In jonova’s unthreaded post I just commented:
    Steven Goddard reported yesterday that it was -104°F (-75°c) in Antarctica:
    But with the wind chill it felt like -146°f (-99°c). So you could say that it felt like the world record for cold was being broken, as that record is -129°f (-89°c) set circa 1983. I tend to like to follow Goddard’s reporting of these Antarctic temperatures, rooting for the world record cold, which may be a long shot, but consider that it’s already -104°f now and it’s not even officially winter. The world record for cold may be broken this season. Keep an eye on it!
    And it’s of more significance than just a spectator’s curiosity. Because the world record for hot was set way back a century ago in 1913: 134°f (56.7°c) in Death Valley, California. If we had actually been in a century of runaway warming as the warmist’s manipulated urban-biased ground data suggests, it stands to reason that the world record hot temperature should have been broken many times over, but no. And now, the cold record is from 1983. Cold is winning, and further, I understand that in U.S. states and across the globe, the strong tendency is for records for cold temperatures to be set in later years than hot temp records. This is clearly inconsistent with the suspicious data, or should I say “data.”

  3. I think they think that no trees will come to harm because fossil fuels will be replaced by solar panels, windmills and hamsters on wheels. What this costs is of not much importance to them,provided that their welfare payments remain unaffected. 🙂

  4. Billy Liar says:

    The UK is on it now, importing wood from the US. Here is an interesting video showing how mad the whole idea is:

  5. GW says:

    All they have to do is make it illegal to cut down trees or burn wood. Wasn’t cutting down trees in the royal forrest punishable by death during medieval times ? Much like poaching a royal deer ? Aren’t there already places in CA, WA, and OR that ban the use of wood burning stoves and fireplaces due to air quality issues ? My friend’s house is on a waterway. When he purchased it he cut down all the trees. A few months later the NYS DEC fined him $25000 for his crimes. How did they know ? Satellite imagery !

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