Understanding The White House Philosophy

My wife grew up in the Soviet Union. The core philosophy was to create a a safe and uniform society, largely by having everyone spying on everyone else. The KGB primarily consisted of tens of millions of civilians keeping track of their neighbors.

Obama understands that you can reduce dissent by having constant surveillance and having teachers, doctors and neighbors report any activity which may go outside the boundaries of the the official government approved thought plan for the citizenry.

Freedom is seen as a potential threat to the safety of the public government.

“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

– Ben Franklin

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8 Responses to Understanding The White House Philosophy

  1. Richard T. Fowler says:

    You forgot the part about “punishing [their] enemies”. Otherwise, excellent insight from the two of you!


  2. Steve, I was going to report this post to Obama’s Attack Watch site to report that you were lying about Obama creating a surveillance state, but then the irony of it all hit me.

  3. BC says:

    Back in 1975, the esteemed Democratic Senator Walter Mondale had the following exchange with General Lew Allen, the then Director of the NSA (DIRNSA), during the hearings regarding the NSA’s violation of U.S. citizens’ 4th Amendment rights during the Viet Nam War:

    (Note: All emphasis mine–B.C.)

    Senator MONDALE. Given another day and another President, another perceived risk, and someone breathing hot down the neck of the military leader then in charge of the NSA; demanding a review based on another watch list, another wide sweep to determine whether some of the domestic dissent is really foreign based, my concern is whether that pressure could be resisted on the basis of the law or not.

    General ALLEN. Well, it is very hard for me, of course, to project into a future unknown situation. And there are certainly risks that seem to have occurred in the past. I can certainly assure you that at the present time, under any combination of the present players, as I understand the rules and the players themselves, there is no possibility of that.

    Senator MONDALE. I will accept that.But what we have to deal with is whether this incredibly powerful and impressive institution that you head could be used by President “A” in the future to spy upon the American people, to chill and interrupt political dissent. And it is my impression that the present condition of the law makes that entirely possible. And therefore we need to, in my opinion, very carefully define the law, spell it out so that it is very clear what your authority is and what your authority is not. Do you object to that?

    General ALLEN. No sir.

    He may have been a stinkin’ Liberal Democrat, but he’d be considered a Tea Baggin’ Extremist if he said those very prescient words today.

    The entire transcript of those hearings is available at the following link:


    Sen. Mondale’s questioning of Gen. Allen starts at the bottom of Page 35 and continues down until somewhere around Page 39. The document is so long that I haven’t finished reading it all yet.

  4. Colorado Wellington says:

    My wife grew up in the Soviet Union …

    I figure she understands the terms dictatorship of the climatariat and scientific climatism (so superior to the utopian kind).

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