Is Perjuring Themselves Before Congress Permitted For Greens?

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8 Responses to Is Perjuring Themselves Before Congress Permitted For Greens?

  1. DarrylB says:

    The current witchcraft mindset

  2. Jorge says:

    Have you all noticed how unhinged these nutters have become lately? I`m sort of new to this, have they always been this way? You go to the more liberal sites (The Guardian, Washington Post, etc.) and check out the comments on a global warming story and the liberals are always just out-of-their-mind crazy at anyone who disagrees. Honestly. These people are one step away from calling on people who disagree with them being jailed or killed. They are that nutty. They always argue that the “science“ is on their side but then never provide any. When someone makes a strong argument, the group, as a whole, go crazy and gang up on them. Have they always been this way?

    Even Obama, Prince Charles, and the UK government are getting into this act of attacking skeptics. Why now? Why these crazed reactions all of a sudden?

    Also, am I the only one who thinks there is an actual campaign going on to court public opinion back into their camp and attack the other side? I know they`ve probably been doing it all along, but the urgency seems greater now for some reason. Every day now there`s another one of these freaks stating something blatently false, exaggerating a claim about something or other, or attacking a skeptic. It`s just bizarre.

    • I. Lou Minotti says:

      “Have they always been this way . . . ?” YES, Jorge. Your questions are bizarre, since you obviously know enough to ask the correct ones. You can’t play stupid enough to embarrass yourself like this for a few pesos and a pat on the head from the one who sent you, now would you? You’re really not new to this, now are you, Jorge?

    • No Substitute for Victory says:

      Jorge, it has always been this way. The Greens have always taken their clues from Hitler’s Browns, just like ILM proves. If you do your due diligence Jorge you will find deeper and more disturbing parallels between todays Greens and yesterdays Browns.

  3. Mike says:

    Junk science from climate quacktitioners is pushing green environmental policy that is driving the middle classes into poverty.

    50 years from now China and Asia will reign supreme while the cheerleading “yes we can” dumbocrat greenies will achieve their true environmental aim, economic suicide for the masses.

    Vote Green for Famine, Vote Green for Poverty.

  4. I. Lou Minotti says:

    Climate change is not causing wildfires. It’s the left-wing, “environmentally-friendly” arsonists who are setting them in order to drive rural people into the big cities through fear. Environmentalism is the new repose for the communists who’ve lost their way and are simply trying to find an easily available platform through which they can gain control by fear. It’s their last stand–the “environment.” Not true ideas, not physical labor to build and then look at what you’ve built (because they have no skills, just lazy ideas–“conceptual thinkers”), and surely nothing to look at after they’ve finished their destruction of what others have built. Know why? They’re lazy, stupid, ungifted from on High, and have nothing to offer to society at large except their fallacious, duplicitous, “feel sorry for us because we’re really just fat, lazy academics who bought a kayak last week so we can fit in to save the environment.” When was the last time buck-toothed, google-eyed Keri Norgaard from the University of Oregon vacuumed and dusted her home, or enjoyed a nice, peaceful meal while taking a time-out from having global warming/cooling deniers subjected to her psychological testing?


    This is but one example of the goofballs with their environmentally-friendly kayaks, bicycles, Prius’, hiking sneakers, and grizzly bears who will eat without distinction the environmentally-friendly kayaks, bicycles, Prius’ and those wearing the hiking sneakers. Thanks for saving us from our evil humanity, you tree-hugging assholes. Pity comes to mind.

    Freaking idiots all, with all of their academic, tree-hugging “degrees.”

    • I. Lou Minotti says:

      Notice also the number of dumb syballine cunts worshipping rocks and trees, including the male drummer, who looks like he’s wearing the same hat that Hansen autographed after his latest arrest.

  5. gator69 says:

    When in Rome…

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