All Weather Is Now Climate

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Twitter / ClimateReality: “This is the worst spring …

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10 Responses to All Weather Is Now Climate

  1. Justa Joe says:

    If you’re giving yourself everything from drought to “increased precipitation,” which is basically every possible condition under the sun it’s hard for me personally to be impressed with your consistency.

  2. gator69 says:

    “Twenty-seven vehicles slammed into each other during a sandstorm that blinded drivers on Interstate 80 in rural northern Nevada, killing a truck driver, seriously injuring several other people and sapping already thin emergency resources, officials said.”

    McFibben’s alarmist tweet in 3…2…1…

    • miked1947 says:

      They have signs posted to watch for dust along that stretch of freeway as that is as common as fog here is E TN!

    • QV says:

      The interviewee is from the Cook Islands, which experiences a tropical climate. From the “travel online” website:
      “Located right in the heart of the South Pacific Ocean, the Cook Islands enjoy a beauiful warm, tropical climate all year round.The months from May to October are slightly cooler and experience temperatures ranging from 22 – 27°C while in the warmer months from November to April temperatures reach 26 – 30°C with more humidity. Most of the rainfall occurs over the warmer Summer months in the form of storms in the afternoons.”
      It is perhaps not surprising that she just can’t comprehend the normal weather variability we experience in Europe. It is difficult to argue against such mind-blowing ignorance.
      Also, for some people, the term”global warming” has become synonymous with “climate change”, so whether it is actually warming becomes irrelevant.

  3. Luke of the D says:

    Ok, so… how do you have “greater extremes?” Is that like extremely extreme?

  4. Obviously, severe drought means flooding in the same way global warming can cause blizzards.

  5. Andy DC says:

    As if you never had droughts and floods in the Midwest before.

  6. Missouri counts as part of the Ohio Valley region.

    According to NOAA’s climate extremes index, rainfall variability has been much reduced in recent years, i.e. less droughts and also less extreme wet years.

  7. Ben says:

    RE: Jesse Worker – “greater extremes”

    If Jesse’s talking point were true, the extreme maximum temperature record would not be 100 years old.

    Due to asserted increasing variability ie hotter/colder, wetter/drier that record would have fallen long ago.

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