President Denies Wiretapping Cover Up

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The Sydney Morning Herald – Google News Archive Search

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2 Responses to President Denies Wiretapping Cover Up

  1. The conclusion is that politicians of any party cannot be trusted but we knew that all along. That is why we have a constitution so all the rules of behavior are clearly spelled out. Oops. That didn’t work out so well did it? They can’t even follow a short and simple list of plain text “shall not” rules. They are rather like a bunch of hyper active two year old children when their parents aren’t on their tails every second. The candy jar is empty, the cookie jar is broken, and the house is a total mess. It is way past time we put them all on a very short strong leash.

  2. philjourdan says:

    And yet, no one died 40 years ago. They did this time.

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