Worse Than It Seems

Climate experts tell us that climate change has accelerated, because they are criminal psychopaths.

ScreenHunter_103 Jun. 13 10.13

Junk Science Week: Epic climate model failure | FP Comment | Financial Post

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8 Responses to Worse Than It Seems

  1. Eric Simpson says:

    My wuwt comment:
    “But if it’s colder than normal, that’s proof of warming.”
    We know they say that, but just now in this video a UN climate delegate at Bonn says it so explicitly and idiotically that it almost blows your mind. Here the delegate insists that the freezing German summer weather is proof of warming. Insane:

  2. Scott says:

    73 models…so if even one model were below the current measured values, the models would still be rejected at a 98.6% confidence interval, assuming they are normally distributed. As it stands, 100% of the 73 are well above observations now, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we can reject the models’ results (for this metric) at a 3-sigma level, or with 99.7% confidence. Even something as “averaged out” and random-walk-like as the average global temperature anomaly is still off by a factor of two.

    Graphs like the above one are, IMO, the #1 thing climate skeptics should be pointing to. Really, it’s the only thing that needs pointed to. The most basic of predictions that the entire hypthoses hinges on and they get it totally wrong.


  3. Latitude says:

    If you start the temps at the same point as the mean…..the discrepancy is even bigger

  4. phodges says:

    But…but…but…the Arctic is melting!!!

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