Three Orders Of Magnitude Off – Close Enough For Government Work

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Twitter / HeidiCullen: RT @ClimateCentral: CO fire …

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10 Responses to Three Orders Of Magnitude Off – Close Enough For Government Work

  1. Andy DC says:

    If people are going to build many more homes in fire prone areas, you are going to have more destructive fires. Same goes for hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, etc. Does not mean they are getting any worse.

    • bubbagyro says:

      The EPA is the perpetrator here, as usual. They prohibit preventive fires to clear out brush by homeowners, which allows build-up to dangerous levels, or criminalize controlled burns by forestry officials to remove the tinder before a dry season comes. This is sort of like storing cans of gas in your house, and when your house burns down, blaming a slow response of the fire department. Back in the 1800s, there was not a human population and few residents. Now, there is no excuse for such poor ‘housekeeping’ of our forests.

  2. bubbagyro says:

    Was she trying to pass remedial math as a student when others were taking statistics? Did she even have statistics as a college student? That would explain why she can’t process data, time after time. So sad.

  3. ACR says:

    Ya gotta love Heidi’s apologist Andrew Freedman. Within a minute, he produced two tweets, the basic ideas are presented below.

    Tweet #1. The Colorado fires don’t tell us much about the climate, and there’s no reason to believe Ms. Cullen was making a point about the climate when she tweeted about them.

    Tweet #2. Wildfires are climate and tweeting about them is relevant for a climate related feed.

    Of course, many of Mr. Freedman’s fellow travelers cling to the belief that an exceedingly cold spring is the predictable result of global warming.

  4. mikegeo says:

    Heidi Cullen’s history books are very short.

  5. Blade says:

    Man, that is one dumb broad.

    Heidi Cullen is single-handedly undoing all the gains real women have made in modern society by riding the Bell curve to mediocrity.

  6. Ben says:

    Even if we slashed the 1898 damage estimate to $2 an acre in 2013 dollars, the 1898 fire is still far more financially destructive than the 2013 fire.

    What is their estimate, 80 cents an acre? Ridiculous

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