We Are Sending Arms To These People

BEIRUT, Lebanon — The top United Nations human rights official warned opposition fighters in Syria on Monday that they would not be immune from prosecution for atrocities, as videos from the Syrian city of Aleppo appeared to show a mass execution by rebel fighters of bound and blindfolded Syrian government soldiers.

One of the videos, first publicized on Monday on the Brown Moses blog, which curates and analyzes video evidence from Syria, showed at least 20 corpses lying in a crooked row on a bloodstained street curb. The victims wore fatigues but no shoes. Several appeared to have been shot in the head.

U.N. Warns Syrian Rebels Over Atrocities – NYTimes.com

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1 Response to We Are Sending Arms To These People

  1. Are they bound by the U.S. Military Code of Justice, “international” law, or sharia? I would have to know more about the situation over there before I labelled these instances atrocities on just the part of the rebels; the whole situation is an atrocity, of Islamic proportions. The U.N. is pretending to a superior moral judgment and authority it does not possess.

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