Man-Made CO2 Generates Hundreds Of Times More Energy Than The Sun

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Global warming appears to have slowed lately. That’s no reason to celebrate.

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28 Responses to Man-Made CO2 Generates Hundreds Of Times More Energy Than The Sun

  1. Gamecock says:

    I’ll get my oceanic and atmospheric info from NOAA. NASA should mind there own business.

  2. Chewer says:

    In the old days, lying pieces of shit got strangled or worse!

  3. tckev says:

    CO2 oven roaster works on this principle, and the chicken tastes great!

    • miked1947 says:

      SHH! Don’t tell them as you are infringing on their patent by using that! I keep mine hidden so no one can find out I have one. I also tapped into Hansen’s pipeline for my Winter Heating, but do not let that out either! 😉 😉

  4. papiertigre says:

    That’s why dry ice burns when you touch it. – duh

  5. papiertigre says:

    Just above that guy in the comments:

    stanlippmann says:
    8:06 AM PDT
    AGW has never been anything but a genocidal fraud, started by Sven Aarhenius, president of the Swedish Eugenics Society. Doubling CO2 will do nothing to the temperature since the CO2 band already totally absorbs radiation in the 10 micron band. The so-called “climate scientists” are nothing but pid stooges. Anyone still pushing this fraud is a war criminal an needs to be brought to justice at a new War Crimes Tribunal …
    That include politicians and yellow journolists still pushing this BS. All of the climate models have failed, so they have already been proven worthless. It’s all about killing off most of the human race by convincing people to not have children, thinking there is no future….

    So I had to look that up. Sure enough Arrhenius was the President and founder of the Swedish Society for Racial Hygiene. {You’ll have to squint to find the section on Svante being a card carrying bigot who invented the science of bigotry. It’s tiny indeed. Wikified tiny.}

    Also Arrhenius was instrumental in setting up the the artificies of the Nobel Prize committee, and used his outsized influence from it’s inception until the day he died to award the medal on his friends and ban the prize from his enemies.

    Explains alot about Al Gore don it?

    Racial hygiene – sounds like they’re giving out tips on brushing your teeth or something.
    I looked up the Society for Racial Hygiene and I found this tid bit of info – made me forget aoub the rest of it.
    In Sweden the eugenics program continued until 1975.


    • Rob Ryan says:

      Outstanding logic fail. It includes both the ad hominem (Arrhenius was a racist who believed in eugenics, Arrhenius was crooked – both horrific characteristics but not part of the argument), and red herring (Arrehenius exerted influence to award/deny Nobel Prizes to his friends/enemies).

      • papiertigre says:

        Oh, you mean me?

        Dude, I’m only as smart as the wikipedia, and there are the links.

        Like I invented the creep.


        • Rob Ryan says:

          Obviously low in reading comprehension as well as argumentation. I didn’t say your statements were false, only that they have nothing to do with the topic under discussion.

        • kuhnkat says:

          Rob, you still haven’t shown that what Wiki states is wrong. Wanna try that instead of attacking the man??

          Then you can go after the weak follow ons.

  6. Rob Ryan says:

    Of course, the sun produces very little longwave radiation, that is, radiation with wavelength > 4000 nm so the tweet is actually correct.

    • Rosco says:

      What utter BS – are you claiming that the Sun DIDN’T cause the heating that is responsible for all the radiation initially ??

      How do you explain the fact that radiation is caused by the temperature of objects and that at such tiny amounts GHGs ould need to be on fire to emit anything like the amount of DLR claimed.

      Did you not notice the unit kg in the definition of a joule ??


      Energy does not spontaneously generate.

      • Rob Ryan says:

        Not a lot is needed to be hundreds of times the sun’s flux at longwave wavelengths. That’s how the distinction is made when DLR is measured. Of course the original source of the energy in the DLR is the sun.

        I’m sure there’s some point to elaborating on the fact that [E]=[M][L]^2[T]^-2 but it’s completely irrelevant here. Energy doesn’t spontaneously generate? With that and your definition of the SI unit of energy, we can at least agree on something. But what’s your point?

    • John B., M.D. says:

      Interesting, not sure of the exact numbers, but assuming this is true, it is really deceptive spin (technically correct yet completely out of context) on the part of author “CarbonPollution.”

      And I would wonder how much of the Sun’s longwave radiation (CarbonPollution never defines the wavelengths of IR he/she is talking about) is blocked by the GHG in Earth’s atmosphere from hitting the surface.

      • Rob Ryan says:

        It may, in fact, be a deceptive spin. On this we may be able to agree. But it’s a single tweet taken out of the context of what was clearly a dialogue. Many possible dialogues would have that statement be completely legitimate and not deceptive. Many others would not. Without that context (and I’m not about to look at his tweets to see) it’s not possible to tell.

        As to the wavelength, it’s a fairly standard division among those who study atmospheric radiation physics: longwave is interpreted to mean wavelength greater than 4000 nm. I charitably assume that’s what he (or she) means by “longwave” since that usage is so standard.

    • John B., M.D. says:


    • John B., M.D. says:

  7. Rosco says:

    Only an idiot or a researcher could utter such rubbish.

    An idiot says it to make believe they know something !

    A researcher says it because their car is more than 3 years old and its trade in value is in danger !

  8. rw says:

    This is a beautiful example of what Wittgenstein was talking about when he used the phrase, “language on holiday”.

  9. Stand outside in the shade, or under a passing cloud, and then feel the greater direct heat from the Sun when you walk out from the shade or the cloud passes by. That tells you that direct heat from the Sun is generally larger than ambient heat from the atmosphere. “CarbonPollution” is channeling the hysteria of “experts” like Trenberth and Hansen — and his very screen name, “CarbonPollution”, is just the propaganda enforced by the runaway EPA and Supreme Court, in tyrannously declaring carbon dioxide–the unavoidable and necessary exhalation of every animal, including humans, on Earth–to be an air “pollutant”, subject to “control” under the Clean Air Act passed decades ago (with real pollutants, like BLACK elemental carbon, in mind).

    • Rob Ryan says:

      Gosh Harry, another logic fail – this time a straw man. Who ever claimed that direct heat from the sun is not larger than ambient heat from the atmosphere? Then we move on to red herrings – who cares about his screen name? And finally, we’re looking at a combination of both – with respect to carbon pollution. Of course it’s an exhalation of most (not every) member of the animal kingdom. But that’s a recycling process, hardly what happens in the burning of fossil fuels. But, fighting fire with fire, here’s a straw man: CO2 concentrations above 4% can be quickly fatal. Therefore there should be NO CO2 in the air, right?

      • snafu says:

        Huh? 4% = 4,000ppm

        Normal CO2 Levels

        normal outdoor level: 350 – 450 ppm
        acceptable levels: < 600 ppm
        complaints of stiffness and odors: 600 – 1000 ppm
        ASHRAE and OSHA standards: 1000 ppm
        general drowsiness: 1000 – 2500 ppm
        adverse health effects expected: 2500 – 5000 ppm
        maximum allowed concentration within a 8 hour working period: 5000 ppm

        The levels above are quite normal.

        Extreme and Dangerous CO2 Levels

        slightly intoxicating, breathing and pulse rate increase, nausea: 30,000 ppm
        above plus headaches and sight impairment: 50,000 ppm
        unconscious, further exposure death: 100,000 ppm

        Carbon Dioxide Standard Levels

        The recommendation in ASHRAE standard 62-1989 are:

        classrooms and conference rooms 15 cfm per occupant
        office space and restaurants 20 cfm per occupant
        hospitals 25 cfm per occupant

        15 cfm ventilation rate per occupant corresponds to 1000 ppm CO2
        20 cfm ventilation rate per occupant corresponds to 800 ppm CO2

        Now did I read your last sentence correct?

        Therefore there should be NO CO2 in the air, right?

        Dude, if I have read it correctly, you wouldn’t even be sitting there typing your utter crap. NO CO2 = NO LIFE! End of story.

        EPIC logic fail

  10. Brian G Valentine says:

    That “second law of thermodynamics” nonsense is a pile of lying shit dreamed up by some deniers

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