Shocking Veterans Memorial

I was riding my bike last night and found a veterans memorial in a Fort Collins park, which included a huge statue of a soldier with a rifle. I was shocked to see this on display where children might be exposed to the evils of simulated weaponry.

Isn’t it time we made the military a gun-free zone?

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5 Responses to Shocking Veterans Memorial

  1. A society that memorializes arms in the hands of a man in the military, yet would deny the same man, outside of the military, the arms to protect himself as specifically provided in the Constitution, the foundational law of the country. Again, you’ve distilled the irony, the tragedy, the insanity of our country today.

  2. omanuel says:


    I have never met, but I certainly agree with, the candidate for Lt. Governor in Virginia:

    It is time to throw off government tyranny.

    With deep regrets,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

  3. John B., M.D. says:

    Steve, Better be careful. NSA is watching, and given the way Colorado politics are these days, don’t be surprised if someone has the statue removed.

  4. talldave2 says:

    Great to see you over at Wonkblog teaching science to the devout.

    (BTW, did you get your $1M check from the Kochs yet? Been waiting years for mine. Maybe it’s lost in the mail? I’m sure they sent one, I’ve been told over and over they do that.)

  5. higley7 says:

    The military si already a gun-free zone. That’s why the Ft Hood shooter was so successful. Soldiers on base do not have weapons—they are all in the armory. Only the outer guards are armed, I believe.

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