One Year After The High Park Fire

Last year we had this in Fort Collins :

ScreenHunter_182 Jun. 16 07.55

The media declared to be the end of the world, due to permanent drought and climate change. One year later, the burn area looks like this. Greenest anyone can remember.

ScreenHunter_181 Jun. 16 07.51

BTW – the two people killed in the Black Forest Fire were repeatedly warned by the fire department to get out, but took over an hour packing up their goods before their burning house collapsed on them.

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3 Responses to One Year After The High Park Fire

  1. Scott says:

    We got hammered on the south end of town last night…both hail and some very hard rain (hard for N CO anything). But the 24-hr precip number on says 0 rainfall. Was it just very localized or something? I don’t have a rain gauge, but I did have some bowls on my deck…they had a couple inches of water in them–I’d have to convert for the nonuniform cross-sectional area, but I’m guessing that translates to 0.5 in or more. At least I’m not watering my yard today. 😀


  2. Andy DC says:

    It must have been virtual rain and virtual hail, because Colorado children are not supposed to see the real thing with the permanent drought out west.

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