Government Propaganda As An IQ Test

Despite the fact that the river is nearly flooding and Fort Collins is the greenest anyone can remember, the US Drought Monitor has convinced the local left wing rag that the city is experiencing a drought.

ScreenHunter_03 Jun. 19 17.50

Drought conditions returning to Northern Colorado

The same issue has articles warning about the dangers of high water.

ScreenHunter_04 Jun. 19 17.53

Coloradoan Article Search

You really can’t make this stuff up. 97% of progressives have no ability to think rationally.

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4 Responses to Government Propaganda As An IQ Test

  1. sean2829 says:

    If its in the local rag, the only thing this accomplishes is to convince subscribers they cannot trust the accuracy of the papers they subscribe to.

  2. NoMoreGore says:

    Don’t you see? This is the WET version of drought. It’s mainly observed as wild colors on a Power point presentation from the children of Gaia. It’s more of an approximation really, except that it doesn’t use any real numbers.

  3. phodges says:

    the power of CO2….Droughtflood! Our local paper asserted that pinion/juniper is replacing sage…because it is getting hotter and drier.

  4. This is the “Newspeak” of the Orwellian Dystopia, which has now emerged.

    In his book, “1984”, Orwell explains that “Newspeak” is deliberately ambiguous and contradictory language use to mislead and manipulate the public. Orwell, whose real name was Eric Blair, based the ideas for his stories, upon information which he gleaned as a British Secret Service operative, prior to his writing his politically charged novels, “Animal Farm” and “1984”.

    Many commentators since, have expressed opinions, that Orwell may have been trying to warn future generations about the coming dystopia, and indeed it is worth seeing either the Feature film, starring Richard Burton, or the BBCTV production, of “1984”. Did you recognise to-day’s World in those films? So what is coming next? – Read the Book !

    One of Blair’s teachers whilst he was at Eton College, was Aldous Huxley, and what was discussed after classes, we can only guess. See also “Brave New World” & “Brave New World, Revisited”, by Aldous Huxley, whose brother, Julain was the first Director of UNESCO, working to turn these abstract ideas into the horrific spectacle we see before us now. The scientifically controlled utopia dystopia predicted in those novels.

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