Shock News : Alaska Just As Hot As 60 Years Ago!

ScreenHunter_32 Jun. 19 00.30

Weather History for Anchorage Merrill, AK | Weather Underground

ScreenHunter_31 Jun. 19 00.29

27 Jun 1953 – It’s hot near the Arctic Anchorage (Alaska), Friday

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4 Responses to Shock News : Alaska Just As Hot As 60 Years Ago!

  1. Chewer says:

    When you take a hike out in the Boreal forest and dig between the Dwarf Black Spruce tomorrow, you’ll find ice at 5.5″. When you go back August 15th you might find a full 12″ of active layer that has thawed, but no more.
    Take a look at the Boreal Dwarf Black Spruce and tell me global warming is making these 100+ year old trees grow faster, with a deeper active layer during the summer.

  2. Jorge says:

    They’re going to hype up every thing. When I heard this on the weather forecast, I knew this was coming.

  3. Andy DC says:

    1953 was prehistoric, no satellites, no temperature adjustments by expert climate scientists. Can we really rely on early man’s ability to read a crude thermometer without asphalt around and without any agenda?

  4. There Is No Substitute for Victory says:

    Yes and in 1953 Artic Sea Ice was still Artic Sea Ice. It didn’t matter then how far off shore the Sea Ice was, it was still considered Sea Ice. Recently the warmest got caught with their hands in the cookie jar, or I should say the ice bucket by under stating the extent of Artic Sea Ice by as much as 5,000,000 square Kilometers.

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